The Notre Dame and Western Railroad/ St Marys

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The Notre Dame and Western railroad moved coal from the New York Central to the Power Plant on the campus. At one time, during football season it was not uncommon to see passenger equipment parked on the ND&W right of way.

The Notre Dame and Western Railroad photos from the University Of Notre Dame Archives. Pictures courtsey of the University of Notre Dame.

Left: Track laying on the ND&W RR. Date unknown. The location appears to be close to where the Power Plant tracks cross Douglas Road today. Right: Steam engine and caboose operate somewhere on the ND&W RR. Date and location of photo unknown.

Left: Gondola cars on the ND&W RR. Date and location unknown at present. Right: Students take a hand car for a ride. Date unknown, however based on the clothes, I would guess early 1900's. Location unknown at present.

Porter Locomotive delivering coal to the Power Plant. Date unknown. A special thanks to the University of Notre Dame for use of their images.

This is an interesting photo. It is part of a collection of old Lake Shore And Michigan/ Michigan Central photograph. It is listed as the Notre Dame depot. Dated 7 - 14- 1920. There is no indication whether this building was located on campus, or in the yard where Holy Cross College is now located.




Left: Crane #52612, October 8, 2002 on the ND&W. Right: Another view of Crane #52612 at the Power Plant, University of Notre Dame. Dick Leonhardt Photos, courtsey of George Elwood.

Left: Hopper Car #2, September 1979. Right: Hopper Car # 540821, October 8, 2002 at the Power Plant. Dick Leonhardt Photos, courtsey of George Elwood.

Left: Motive power. Notre Dame & Western locomotive 5332, built by the Porter Locomotive Works. Right: Another shot of locomotive 5332. Photos taken June 22, 2003.

Left: ND&W right of way. Looking towards the west. The right of way is just south of Douglas Road. Right: The tracks cross Douglas Road, where they entered the coal storage area. I have heard serveral people claim this is where the ND&W really started, however, I have nothing "official."

Left: And, speaking of the coal storage area. Since many of the crossings have been paved over between Washington Street and this location, one must presume that coal now arrives by truck and is loaded into the hoppers and moved to the Power Station. Right: The end of the line, the Power Station.


St. Marys Railroad

St Marys College in South Bend at one time had a railroad operation. Like the University Of Notre Dame, it was used to move coal and supplies in and around campus from the New York Central Niles Branch.


Left and Right: Switch engine used on the St Marys Railroad.

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