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Trivia Challenge #2

Answers can be found in Monon, The Hoosier Line, By Gary and Stephen Dolzall.

1. James Brooks and six other men met May 20, 1847 in what city/ town to organize a company that would become the New Albany & Salem Rail Road?

C. New Albany, Indiana

2. On January 14, 1851 what important event took place on the New Albany & Salem Railroad?

C. The First Train Reached Salem, Indiana.

3. In 1858 the New Albany & Salem Railroad was forced into receivership. On October 24, 1859 the name of the railroad was changed to?

C. The Chicago And Wabash Valley Railroad Company.

E. None Of The Above.

4. Bradford Indiana became known by another name. What name is Bradford better known as?

C. Reynolds, Indiana.

5. What date did the railroad's longtime nickname become its official corporate title?

C. August 24, 1955

6. On April 26, 1958 the Monon Railroad did what?

C. Buy All New Alco 420 Locomotives.

7. March 15, 1914 has what significance to the Monon?
A. W. H. McDoel Became President.
B. The CI&L Purchased The Chicago & Wabash Valley Railway.
C. Curves North Of Lowell, Indiana Were Eased.
D. The I&L Branch Was Completed.
E. All Of The Above.

8. The 59.7 Mile I&L Branch was turned over to the CI&L for operation on?

C. October 1, 1907

9. What happened on May 1, 1954?

C. The Chicago & Wabash Valley Branch Was Abandoned.


10. Which short-lived passenger train was also known as The Varsity, but never has status as a scheduled train. It did not appear on the schedule pages of the employee timetables which give it "authority" as a train.

C. Trains 1 And 2.

11. The Monon's final notable equipment purchases came in which year?

C. 1969

12. July 31, 1971 is forever known as?

C. Samuel Brown Resigned As President.

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