Tim Swan's Monon HO Layout

Page Five

New pictures from Tim


Left: Caboose C-302. Right: Local 41 blowing for a country crossing.


Left: Local 41 crossing highway. Right: Murdock from the north.


Left: Murdock from the south. Right: Furst Mill.


Left: Furst Mill. Right: Furst Mill.

Left: Furst Mill lead.


Left: Furst Mill switching. Right: Telegraphers shack at Murdock.


Left: Pleasant Run bridge. Right: Southbound freight approaches Bedford.


Left: Southbound approaching Milwaukee Road trestle. Right: Southbound clearing crossing.


Left: Clearing the Milwaukee trestle. Right: Southbound at county road crossing.


Left: Southbound crossing county road. Right: Southbound exiting the KK cut.


Left: Southbound passing old Brooks Mill. Right: Southbound approaching Bedford.


Left: Southbound approaching Bedford. Right: Southbound three unit freight.


Left: End of the southbound freight. Right: Passing old Brooks Mill.


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