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Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Member Tim Swan has been working on his home layout for many years. An avid modeler, Tim is recreating the area in and around Bedford, Indiana. As you can see from the pictures, his layout is progressing very well. Keep up the great work Tim and sharing with others through you pictures.

My apologies to Tim. These pictures were sent in back in May of 2005 and I sort of forgot them. Sorry Tim. Please keep sharing pictures of your layout with us.


Left: RS2 #21 in yellow/ black livery near the depot. Right: Pluto Water refers sit at the Beford freight house.


Left: Local freight passing the depot. Right: Another look at the local passing the depot with H15-44 #46 in the lead.


Left: Tank cars pass the depot. Right: Monon "High Speed Merchandise" box car towards the end of the local.


Left: Bay window caboose on the end of the local. Right: Water tower and street scene.


Left and Right: Scenes showing Epie's, a burger joint at the north end of the street-running. Epies, at 13th and J, was so close to the track it was wiped out by another southward freight in the fifties.


Left: One more look at Epie's burger joint. Right: Looking at the depot and freight house area.


Left and Right: These are of a southward freight on J Street.


Left and Right: Action through the courthouse square.


Left: Southbound freight leaving street running. Right: Another shot in and around the depot.

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