National Railroad Spike Museum

Traveling Exhibit


The Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society was proud to sponsor the only midwest appearance of the NRSM, July 24, 2004 at Linden.



No, the Museum did not arrive by rail.






Left: The Museum arrived disguised as a Chevy pickup. (Talk about a hack job...The curator claims to have hit a deer. What, no duct tape?) Right: The exhibits are somewhere in there.


Left: Are you sure the exhibits are really back there? Right: Also quite a collection of associated artifacts..other wise known as CRAP (Common Railroad Antiques and Property)


Left: The traveling NRSM never leaves empty handed. They always accept donations. George Carpenter donated an office chair to the Museum. We heard the Curator say something, but we're not positive it was "thank" you. It was something "you", but we are pretty sure it wasn't "thank."

Look For The NRSM Near You Soon!


-Note From The Webmaster-

I appreciate all the comments on our little "tongue in cheek" fun fest we had at the expense of Board Member Steve Long. Steve has taken a whole lot of heat in recent years about his pickup and the contents. Steve, we poke fun at you, but we all know what you have meant to the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society over the years. The amont of time, sweat and work you have put in speaks volumes of your dedication to the Monon and the Society. I hope you didn't take this page personal. Just remember that even though we poke fun at you from time to time, we understand your importance to this organization.


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