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Saturday, October 6, 2007 a portion of the Sheridan part of the Monon Trail was officially opened and dedicated. The dedication was attended by local citizens, dignitaries and members of the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. Warren Mitchell sent along these photos that we would like to share with you. Trail marker by park entrance. All Warren Mitchell Photographs, unless otherwise noted.





Left: Sign at trail entrance of State Road 47. This entrance has a parking lot and is the beginning of the mile long trail. Right: The tracks are long gone and the old right of way is silent, but some of the Monon remains. Old signal base along the trail.


Left: Ray Irvin addresses the crowd. Mr. Irvin was there representing Govenor Mitch Daniels. Mr. Irvin is the Director Of Trails for the State Of Indiana. Project Manager Russ Pitz and Dave Beck are also pictured. Right: Dave Beck, MRHTS Member addresses the crowd on the background of the trail and the Monon Railroad.


Left: Warren Mitchell, Dave Beck and Steve Long represent the MRHTS. Right: Warren Mitchell, Ray Irvin, Russ Pitz and Steve Long discuss the Monon Railroad. Steve is trying to convince park officials to restore a Monon caboose at the park. -Wanda Mitchell Photographs-


Left: The official opening of the trail at the park entrance. Right: Monon Trail looking south at the entrance of the park.



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The Monon Trail measures 10.5 miles from 10th to 96th Streets, where it connects with the 5-mile Monon Greenway of Carmel, Indiana. This urban greenway is perhaps one of the busiest in the nation. A study by the Eppley Institute logged thousands of visitors, especially during warm weather evenings and weekends when users are nearly shoulder-to-shoulder on some sections. The Monon Trail links commercial districts, schools, parks, the state fairgrounds and a dozen residential neighborhoods. It has direct connections to the Fall Creek Trail, the Monon Greenway of Carmel and the Central Canal Towpath, which leads to the White River Wapahani Trail to form a trail network that reaches to the west side of the downtown district.

Born of grassroots citizen efforts in the mid-1980s, the Monon Trail came to life because of the creation of Indy Parks Greenways and the appointment of Ray Irvin as administrator in 1989. The first section, from Nora to Broad Ripple, opened in 1996. -From The Monon Trail/ Indiana Greenways Web Site-


Left: Mural, painted by Indianapolis Area school children. (Please Society Members and Visitors, no nitpicking. The kids did their a great job. Lets cut them some slack.) Right: Looking along the trail north past the former Boulevard station.


Left: Fall River Creek Bridge. Right: Trail crossing the White River at Broad Ripple.


Carmel, Indiana

The Monon Trail in Carmel includes 5.2 miles of paved trail. Restrooms and water is available at 96th Street and Rohrer Road trailheads. Trail is quiet, wooded/tree-lined and without intersections north of 136th Street. Crosses Main Street just west of downtown Carmel. Passes Monon Depot Museum, grain elevator, Civic Square and gazebo. Crosses Carmel Drive, 116th, 111th, 106th and enters quiet, wooded area to 96th, where it enters the Indy section and continues another 10 miles to 10th Street. Future improvements will include a handsome bridge over Carmel Drive and a tunnel under 116th Street. A new trail, the Cool Creek Trail, will eventually connect the Monon to Ritter's, Dairy Queen, Carmel High School, and the east side of Keystone Ave. A connecting trail to Meadowlark Park is also planned. Several miles of new trail are also planned for Central Park (roughly between 116th and 111th), portions of which are scheduled to open in 2006. -Information courtesy of the Monon Greenways Web Site-

Monon Trail 2004-2005. Looking railroad south along the trail near the Depot Museum.

Map of the Carmel Portion.


Westfield, Indiana

The now-open Natalie Wheeler Trail parallels Union Street. In addition to the Monon Trail, Westfield residents can look forward to the east-west Midland Trace just south of SR32, bringing trailgoers to the town center about 1/2 mile east of the Monon. This will provide old town Westfield with a centerpiece to enhance town life, become connected to miles of trail including the Indy Greenways network, and attract recreational tourists. A special public space is envisioned at the crossing of the two historic trails. -Information courtesy of the Monon Greenways Web Site-

Map of the proposed Westfield Portion.

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