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Lance Mindheim's Hoosier Line

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Track plan featured in Model Railroader magazine.

Lance Mindheim's N Scale layout, depicting the southern division of the Monon. This layout was featured in Model Railroader Magazine. Unfortunately this layout was taken down and all the equipment sold. Here are some pictures of the former layout and his modeling skill. Lance also designs and builds layouts for people. Check out his website, Shelf Layouts Company, Inc. Thanks for use of the pictures Lance.



Left: Sale Street, Ellettsville, Indiana. Right: Track approaching Ellettsville, Indiana. View is looking north.


Left: Hunters Valley, Quarry branch splitting off at Hunters. The branch serves B.G. Hoadley Mill, Indiana Limestone Co. Vernia Mill, Bloomington Limestone Co., Johnson Quarry, and Texas Quarries Mill. Right: Hunters. Hunters siding with quarry branch into Hunters Valley splitting off.


Left: The Monon/Illinois Central interchange yard near Pigeon Hill. Right: Downtown Bloomington with Kirkwood Ave. in background.


Left: Bloomington. Kirkwood Avenue facing east. Right: Downtown Bloomington facing east.


Left: J.R. Figg wholesesale grocery company. Right: Northbound Train #6, The Thoroughbred passes the yard office at Bloomington's McDoel Yard.


Left: National, Indiana. Right: Abandoned stone quarry at Diamond.


Left: Southbound #5, The Thoroughbred, passes over West Fluck Mill Road just south of Diamond siding. Right: Bridge over W. Fluck Mill Road and Clear Creek near south switch of Diamond siding.


Left: Northbound #6, The Thoroughbred crosses approaches bridge E-8. Right: Northbound #6, The Thoroughbred, approaches bridge E-8 across Clear Creek.


Left: Mainline freight moving through the Southern Division. Right: Local freight.


Left: Another view of a local freight. Right: Model of the Bloomington depot. It was scratch built from styrene and utilizes Grandt Line windows and doors. The limestone color was achieved by first priming the model with a light gray and then over spraying it with a Floquil color called "Grime". When done it was given a very light wash of steam power black and alcohol.


Left: What a great looking pair of F3A's, manufactured by Kato. Right: Ellettsville Depot. Another scratchbuilt structure. Great work


Left: N Scale Monon RS2 #29. Right: F3-A. #64. Two great examples of Lance's skill as a modeler.

Meet Lance Mindheim

This shot was taken in downtown Bloomington near the passenger station. Knowing my mom, she saw the announcement about the units in the paper and hauled my sister and I down for the photo op. Lance is the one on the right. "The little booger on the steps of the Alco Century is yours truly, six months shy of my 4th birthday. I believe the C628's were delivered to the Monon in February or March of 1964. I remember it was a big deal and they put the units on display at various stations along the line." -Lance Mindheim, September 1, 2004-


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