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( Click on image to enlarge. This is a representation of what the bricks may look like after etching.)

After attending the July New Albany Historical Marker Dedication and Board Meeting, Ken Weller and myself stopped by one of the original Shops Buildings to take some photos. The building was in sad shape and we had heard that it was scheduled for demolition in the not too distant future. I too the opportunity to gather some bricks from the building. During our ride back to Linden, Ken and I discussed these bricks and their historical significance. Several days later, I approached President Van Bree and Robert Straw about the possibility of adding one of these, and other bricks from historical Monon structures to the plaza. Robert said that since the bricks are of different sizes, adding them to the plaza would be difficult. During the August 25, 2007 World Headquarters clean up detail, Frank and I agreed that adding them along the walkway between the sidewalk and the plaza would be a workable solution.

We would therefore ask members who have collected bricks from Monon buildings and structures to donate a brick to be added to the walk way. These bricks will be engraved like the Memorial Bricks. The buildings may no longer be standing, but we can preserve a small portion of these Monon structures.

This project is still in the committee stage. There have been several suggestions on where the Historic Bricks should be placed because of difference sizes. These details will be worked out. The best suggestion so far has been to add them around the outer edge of the existing bricks. Start a the center of the flat car and work out towards the ends of the plaza. As stated, we have time to formulate the final plan. Our mission at present is collection of these gems. Below is a list of locations and people who have offered them to this project. One note, the donor's name will not be engraved on the bricks. A seperate list of donors will be kept in World Headquarters.

Historic Bricks Project, Donated Bricks 09-09-2007
New Albany Shops: Tom Kepshire Greencastle Depot: George Lortz
Gosport Depot : Ron Marquardt Limedale Depot :Ron Marquardt
South Hammond RH: Tim Swan New Albany Original Depot: Frank Van Bree
Lafayette Shops: Frank Van Bree Orleans Depot: Frank Van Bree
Gosport Depot: Frank Van Bree South Hammond RH: Alan Keightley
Lafayette Shops: Gene Cassman Elliston Depot Foundation: Joe Land
Switz City Tower: Joe Land Francesville Depot Foundation: Tom Kepshire
Monon Depot Platform: Tom Kepshire  


For more information via email, contact, Robert Straw, Frank Van Bree or Tom Kepshire. Please include "Monon Historic Brick Plaza Project" in the subject line.

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