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Dave McKalip's Former HO scale Monon

Dave McKalip, MRHTS Member, spent many years creating a masterpiece of an HO scale layout, based on the Monon Railroad in his basement. The layout measured 16 x 20 feet and contains about 125 feet of track. Unfortunately circumstances led to him disassembling the layout.

McKalip designed his layout after the Monon Railroad of the 1950's and includes stops at Bloomington, Gosport and Lafayette. Dave admits that on occasion he has used "modeler's license" at several locations, his modeling efforts at Gosport is accurate down to the minute details. Judging from the pictures, Dave did a wonderful job on his layout.

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The old swimming hole. As a local freight crosses the White River, a swimmer enjoys the cool water.






Two shots of Gosport. Left: Southbound passenger making a stop at the depot. Right: Northbound local freight at Gosport.

Great street running shot and modeling at Bedford. Dave has done such a great job on his layout.





Our last look (for the moment) at Dave's layout. Black and Gold freight unit working the mainline. Highway bridge looks like Harrodsburg, but I'm not 100% certain. It is another great scene on Dave's layout.




Courtesy Of Max Foltz


Left and Right: McDoel Yard. Two great shots.


Left and Right: Lafayette shots.


Left and Right: Shots of Bedford on Dave's layout. The one on the right is proof positive that State Policemen indeed have a sense of humor.


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