Monon Shops Workers

Thanks to the efforts of Ken Weller and the generousity of Mrs. Rose Mary Patrick, we are able to display some images from the 1950's of Lafayette Shops workers. Her father, Albert Wiegand, was a carman at Lafayette.
Rose Mary would like help in identifying the people in the various pictures. Anyone that can identify anyone pictured, please contact Ken Weller, or the Webmaster, so the information can be passed on.

Again, a special "thank you" goes out to Rose Mary for sharing these photos with the Monon Railroad Historical - Technical Society, Inc.

(To see larger image, just click on image.)

Group picture. Can you help identify those pictured? Tom Pierce identified the man on the extreme right of the attached group photo as his grandfather, Grover Cleveland Pierce, who worked for the Monon from 1921 to 1962.


Two employees working on the end of a car.







Left: From left to right; Joe H. Fetterhoff (laborer in the diesel shop) with the Monon from 1965 to 1970. Russell L. Justice (Superintendent of the car department) with the Monon from 1946 to 1970. Marian "Babe" Reuzenaar (carman / foreman) with the Monon from at least 1946 to the 1960s. Right: Worker working on # 9392.


Mahlon "Cookie" Eberhard says this worker looks like Harry Young, welder in the Shops. Harry's son, Gilbert H. "Gib" Young, was a conductor from 1946 to 1985. Is he finished, or just getting started?






Shop worker posed with the end of a hopper car.







Two workers with NYC 17672 in background.

Again, we ask that if you can identify any of the workers pictured, please contact Ken Weller, or forward the information to the Webmaster.

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