Inside A Depot

M.P. B&B 36.0 - B&B Branch- DE


On December 27, 2006 Joe Land paid a visit to Elliston and was able to take these photos inside the depot. The depot today is owned by Jones & Son Inc. a concrete block casting company, and is used for storage. Joe was given free run of the place after telling what he wanted to do and why. Our thanks to Jones & Son Inc.


Left: Counter just inside the depot. The west wall is pictured. Right: South wall of the depot facing the B&B line.


Left: South room and East Wall of the depot. This is the wall that faced the E&I right of way. Right: North wall of the depot.

Depot is divided into two rooms, one north end, one south end. Both are nearly filled with bags of concrete insulating material. It was impossible to see into the 'bay' on the East wall, because it was filled with the bags of material.


Left and Right: The dividing wall has a lot of writing on it, dated 1912, and another dated 1913. Part of the writing is covered by the stored material, so we are not sure of the meaning. May have just been people who worked there signing the wall.


Left: More of the writing on the walls. Right: Jones & Son Inc. employee, Jennifer Burris. Jennifer unlocked the door so Joe could explore and photograph the inside of the depot. She would not go any farther than the entrance because of the possibility of seeing a rat. Mr. Jones told Joe the depot's pot bellied stove was given to one of his employees to heat his garage. 


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