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M.P. 88.4 - 1st Subdivision - Rn

The current depot in Monon, Indiana was a replacement for one that This building was reduced to rubble on September 17, 1951, when Train 5, the Thoroughbred derailed rounding the curve. F3A units 85A and 85B, with additional units 82A and 81B behind being taken to Lafayette. The accident occured at 3:18 pm. The current building officially opened June 10, 1953. Picture is the current brick structure under construction.




North facade of the Monon, Indiana depot






Depot Floor Plan




Left: Welcome to Monon. Come on in and take a look around. Right: One of the former passenger waiting room, looking south. The door in the distance leads out onto the platform on the mianline.


Left: Looking down the hallway at both restrooms. Mens is closest to the camera. Looking northeast in the former passenger waiting room. The Indianaplois Line is outside the door and window. Note the ticket window to the right. The door leads to the ticket agent's office.


Left: Looking railroad north, west from the window in the waiting room. Right: Same direction as seen from the window in the Office. Tracks off to the right are those of the Indianapolis Line.


Left: Interior of the ticket office. Looking southwest. Right: Conductor GW completes his morning paperwork in the Agent's Office


Left: Currently used as a storage area, this room was once shared by the Yardmaster and the Yard Clerk. There used to be a counter where the crews dropped off their paperwork.. Right: Interior of the Roadmaster's office.


Left: Another Interior shot of the Roadmaster's Office. Right: View south along the mainline from the Roadmaster's Office


Left: Looking through the doorway from the Roadmaster's Office to the Yardmaster's Office. Right: Equipment currently stored in Yardmaster's Office.

Looking north from the ticket agents office. The Michigan City Branch is pictured.


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