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Lowell, Indiana Depot, 1952. This photo was taken shortly before, or after, the dedication. This brick structure was built to replace the wooden building destroyed by the 1952 train wreck. The building still is being used by CSX. Friday, October 20, 2006, CSX Signal Maintainer Rich Reardon invited me inside the former Monon Depot.



Depot Floor plan -Courtesy MRHTS Archives-



Left: You have just entered the former Lowell Monon depot. You are looking east at what was once the passenger waiting room. Right: Looking west at the main entrance of the depot. I remember two, or three large wooden benches inside this room. Rich said that for the most part, when passenger operations ceased, they railroad just allowed people to take them. I wonder where the ones from this depot ended up?


Left: The Depot Agent's office. You are looking at the east wall. The door on the right side of the photo leads to the former freight and baggage room.


The Freight Room. Left: Looking at the West wall of the depot inside the former Freight Room. Right: Looking at the east wall. The furnace room would be to the left side of this image, next to the large door. Today, the freight room is used for parts storage.


Left: Looking at the Agent's office from the Freight Room doorway. Seated at the desk, there is a great view north and south along the tracks. No wonder Don Cripe was able to keep tabs on us kids when we were playing on the baggage carts. Right: Had to include a shot of the washroom. The depot today has only one. The other washroom is now used for storage.

Thanks to Rich and CSX for allowing me this opportunity to stand inside a building that was a part of my childhood. The last time I was inside the depot was in 1966-67 when I received my application to become a Boy Scout. Sure has changed. Would love to find pictures of what it was like when still in Monon service.

Aerial shot of the Lowell, Indiana depot.




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