Inside A Depot


There are not many former Monon Railroad depots still standing. The former depot at Creston, Indiana is one that is still standing. Relocated sometime ago. It was moved to the west side of the tracks and sits on the property west of the 155th Street and Barman intersection. The depot sits on property owned by Mr. Robert Shearer, who graciously allowed access to the old depot during the 2003 Monticello Convention Bus Tour.


Inside the former Creston depot. Left: Picture taken from the freight side of the depot, looking toward the ticket window. Right: This picture show the ticket window from the office side of the depot. Bellow: The freight door along the west wall. Once again, a very special "thank you" to Mr. Shearer for allowing the Society access to inside the depot.

If you attended the 2003 Convention and have photos from inside the Creston Depot and would like to add them to this page, please contact the Webmaster.


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