Inside A Depot


There are not many former Monon Railroad depots still standing. On March 29 and 30, 2006, Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Member Steve Stafford visited the former Monon depot at Bedford. He was able to take several photographs of what the inside looks like today. Steve shared these pictures with those who are on the Picture List Discussion group. We figured that people not on the list might enjoy the also.

All photos taken by Steve Stafford


Left: Operators desk and windows. Right: Note original ornate ceilings.


Left and Right: Inside passenger waiting room.


Left and Right: Shots taken down in the basement. Looks like the place is in dire need of an electrician.


Left: Furnace down in the basement. Right: Inside the main floor, freight room.


Back down in the basement. Left: Old fuel oil tank. Right: This looks like a tool of somekind.


Left: Close up of one end of the tool found in the basement. Right: The crawl space.

Not a whole lot of Monon treasure left, according to Steve. Thanks for taking the time to get these pictures for us Steve. If anyone has similar pictures inside a Monon depot and would like to see them posted here, please contact the Webmaster .

All photos taken by Steve Stafford

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