Monon Caboose 81528

81528A Owen Leander found 81528 in the late afternoon on October 14, 1967 at South Hammond, Indiana. Barely visible is a disk painted red on one side, and a matching silver on the other, that the Monon installed on the end of several of the 81525 series cars. The disc could be rotated to complement the markers; another innovation by the Monon for additional safety of train crews. See the photo of 81531 for a better view of the disk.
John C. La Rue, Jr. collection.



The photo below is the same caboose, but taken at Lafayette, on March 14, 1970. Notice that the red/silver disk is gone, and additional white stripes have been added along the bottom of the body.




Caboose 81528 as she is today on display at the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville, Indiana. Image courtesy of Max Foltz.



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