A Look Inside Copshaholm, Second and Third Floors

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The Master Bedroom. After the death of J.D. and Anna Oliver, Catherine redecorated the room for her own use. The bed once stood on a raised platform, until Catherine had it removed after she injured her hip in the 1950's. Catherine lived in Copshaholm until her death in 1970.





Details of some of the furnishings in the Master Bedroom.





The front room on the second floor was Gertrude's bedroom when she was young. After her wedding, Anna Oliver converted the room into a sitting room. Catherine later also used it as a sitting room.





The Guest Bedroom. Originally this was the Green Bedroom, Catherine's childhood bedroom. When Catherine moved to the Master Bedroom, she made this the Guest Room.







This bedroom was set aside for Anna Oliver's mother, Alida Wells. Mrs. Wells was a frequent visitor to Copshaholm and this room, on the west side of the second floor, was reserved specifically for her use.


This room was Joesph Jr's room. The youngest of the Oliver children, Joesph Jr. returned to Copshaholm after his wive, Ellinor, passed away in 1919. He took up residence on the third floor, never remarried and lived in Copshaholm until he died in 1972.





The Billiard Room. The mahogany Brunswick table, patented in 1905, is the focal point of the Billiard Room. Copshaholm was wired for electricity during its construction, however, the ceiling fixtures used two fuels, gas and electricity. Electric power came from the generator at the Oliver Plow Works.





Besides the room used by Joseph Jr., the most striking feature of the third floor of Copshaholm is the Ballroom. The vaulted ceilings, massive floor space and cozy fireplace was the ideal setting for numerous parties and gatherings.




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