Twin Branch Railroad

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Organized in 1927, the Twin Branch Railroad was less than two miles in length. The TBRR hauled coal to the Indiana and Michigan Power Company's generating station on the St. Joseph River on the east side of the City of Mishawka.

One of the Twin Branch Railroads steam locomotives. The date is 1872. -Daniel Van Dyke Collection-





Left, Right and below: Great series of photos taken by Sandy Goodrick, September 20, 1953, on the Twin Branch Railroad. Pictured is NYC Engine #1894, operating north of the St. Joseph River, in the vicinity of U.S. 20, east of Mishawka.

The TBRR connected with the New York Central's Elkhart and Western line. Initially it was serviced by two steam engines. In the 1930's, these were replaced with two storage battery locomotives and during World War II, pantographs and catenary were added to the line, but only to reduce battery charging time. The 1950's saw the purchase of two diesel powered locomotives.

Building the railroad line into the Twin Brach Generating Station, November 8, 1923. You are looking east.





A look at the Twin Branch RR motive powere. Left: Twin Branch Battery Locomotive #3, circa 1932. Right: Electric Locomotive #3, 11-1-1947. Note pantographs on top of cab.

Twin Branch Locomotive #3 on display at the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville, Indiana. May 2005.





Above: GE Diesel switcher moving hopper cars. Date unknown, however, it is probably sometime after 1950. The line was abandoned in June, 1978 when the generating station was shut down and closed.

The images below are courtsey of Dave's Electric Railroads . Where known, photographic credits have been given. Thanks for allowing use of the images.

Left: Excellent shot of one of the electric locomotives along the line. Right: Locomotive #4 spotting cars at the rotary car dumper at the power plant. Ken Harrison photo.

Left: Moving cars along the line, unknown date. Right: Working the line while another locomotives waits. Ken Harrison photo.

Locomotive #4 moving cars at the dump trestle, August 1967. Ken Harrison photo.





Left: Locomotive #4, end view. Ken Harrison photo.








Railroad yard and rotary dumper at the Twin Branch Power Station. Left: Looking west toward the generating station and the dumper. Right: Looking west at the yard and dumper. -Strombeck Photographs-

Twin Branch Generating Plant, date unknown. In this view you are northwest of the plant and looking towards the southeast.


It has taken me a while to get these posted. GE 65T #30042 was at the Tanner's Creek powerplant in Lawrenceburg, IN where it worked for Indiana & Michigan Power (now AEP) after leaving the Twin Branch RR. -Courtesy of Mike O -




The same locomotive currently on display at the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati. - Courtesy of Mike O -





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