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Lima Shay working a 2' guage line in Mishawka, Indiana, circa 1914 or 1915. Engine is owned by H.W. Reed & Sons Construction Company of Mishawka. Exact location unknown. If anyone can help identify the location, please e-mail me.






B&O Passenger train The Columbian at South Bend. Date unknown. On occasion, trains from the B&O were routed through South Bend. Harry Zillmer caught the Columbian making a stop in South Bend. Maybe there was a wreck, or derailment, on the B&O, or some other problem.





Singer loco 1  Singer loco 3

Singer Company Railroad locomotive. Left: Look at the Singer Company Electric locomotive and the yard operations. The building pictured is still standing in 2004. The Singer Company sign is worn and faded, but it can still be seen. Right: Closer look at the locomotive. These photos are courtesy of Kevin Byrne, Washington DC Firefighter, from his private collection.


While paying a visit to the Indiana Transportation Museum in Nobleville, Indiana to see a restored Monon SW-1 operate on the museum trackage, I discovered that the former Singer electric locomotive is on display. I was informed by members of the museum that the locomotive one time operated on the museum's electric line.

PRR-Crown Point  PRR Crown Point 2

Lake County, Indiana Ghost. Crown Point Indiana Pennsylvania Railroad depot. These two shots, dates unknown are of the former depot in Crown Point, Indiana. The Penn Central passenger train on the right indicates these may have been taken in the 1970's.


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