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Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois depot, circa early 1900's. Exact date unknown. It looks as if expansion is underway. Note NJI&I passenger train at left of photo. Right: Freight house, New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois. Exact date unknown, but it is believed to be from the early 1900's. Location is on Division, now Western Avenue in South Bend. Both photos from the Strombeck collection.


April 14, 1947, south of South Bend, Indiana. A minor accident along the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois. Looks as if one boxcar has left the tracks. I hope that it was empty. Harry Zilmer Collection.






Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois steam locomotive and passenger car, circa early 1900's. Exact date unknown. Right: Bringing freight into the freight station. This picture, from the early 1900's shows a steam engine bringing boxcars into the terminal on Western. Both photos from the Strombeck collection.

Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois combination car 301, date unknown. Right: NJI&I owned Pullman Car. The line once offered passenger service, and connections with the Wabash. Here is a picture of their Pullman Car, date unknown.


Another shot of caboose 203, circa 1949. Harry Zilmer/ Strombeck Collection.







May 10, 1975. NJI&I switcher working the line crossing Osborne Road south of town. Today, there is no evidence that this underpass was ever there. Jeff Strombeck photo. Right: Another view of the switcher working the line, moving piggyback trailers. Wonder what they might be filled with? Jeff Strombeck photo.

N&W working the NJI&I and Wabash interchange at Pine, Indiana. May 10, 1975. Jeff Strombeck photo.

Left and Right: Pine Junction 1962. The meeting point between the Wabash Railroad and NJI&I. Today the area is silent.

Wabash Steam Locomotive 2800 passing Pine Junction, October 26, 1947. Harry Zilmer/ Strombeck Collection.






Left and Right: NJI&I Alco SW1 locomotive #1 at the Olive Street roundhouse. The photos are courtesy of Dr. Louis Marre and Dan Lawecki.


Left: Fan trip hosted by the Wabash Railroad and the NJI&I, May 1959. Wabash GP9 #486 near the NJI&I Offices on Western Avenue. Right: Rear of the fan trip taken from Kern Road, south of South Bend. You are looking south. The photos are courtesy of Dr. Louis Marre and Dan Lawecki.

Wabash motive power on the NJI&I with railfan trip.






Wabash Steam Power #817 on the NJI&I. October 15, 1949. Not sure of the location. Possible NJI&I Yard off Olive Streer or Oliver Yard. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-

Steam Locomotive #2160 on the NJI&I, South Bend. October 1949. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-





Left and Right: These pictures of Wabash/ NJI&I boxcars were sent to me by Andy Laurent. Left: Boxcar 3433. Right: Boxcar 641. These double door boxcars were more than likely assigned to Studebaker.



While clearing out some files I came upon these images that Andy Laurent sent me October of 2003. My apologies Andy for not getting them posted sooner. Left, Right and Below: NS switching at the scrap metal company on the south side of South Bend on former NJI&I tracks. These tracks are either NJI&I or former Indiana Northern. It was at times hard to determine exactly where one road started and another finished.



I also came upon this picture of the inside of the NJI&I office located on Western Avenue, currently used as a day care center. I apologize to whoever sent this image to me. I forgot to note who it was and when it was received.





This images are courtesy of John Nixon. John recently updated his New Jersey, Indiana And Illinois webpage. John also has a very fine Wabash Railroad website. Left: NJI&I SW2 #2 at Sweeneys IN enroute to Pine in May of 1979. Right: Another look at #2. This picture was taken just north of Pine, May 5, 1979.

One more view of SW2 #2. This picture was taken at the roundhouse on south Olive Street in South Bend, Indiana. February 23, 1980.




September 3, 1973. NJI&I locomotive #2 at Olive Street.







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