New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad

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The Singer Manufacturing Company became unhappy with railroad service in South Bend, so they formed their own railroad company, calling it the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois. The railroad name was drawn from the location of Singer plants, New Jersey, South Bend, Indiana and Cairo, Illinois.

Left and Right: Wabash Railroad, Pine, Indiana. This is where the NJI&I connected to the Wabash Railroad. J. Nixon photos, used with his permission. Visit his Wabash Railroad website.

The line began service in 1905 and officially operated on only 11.4 miles of track. The line ran between South Bend and Pine, Indiana, where it met the Wabash. Up until and through World War I the line offered two passenger trains round trip daily to Detroit. In the 1930's passenger service was discontinued. The Wabash purchased the line in 1926 but continued to operate it as a seperate railroad. The major customers included Singer Manufacturing and The Studebaker Company. The NJI&I continued in service until 1982 when the Norfork Southern absorbed the line. They ceased operations shortly thereafter.

Left: Pine Indiana Yard Office, date unknown. Right: NJI&I caboose #203 taken somewhere along the line, date unknown. Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum and Bob Albert photos, used with their permission. Visit the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum.

Another look at the tower at Pine Junction, circa 1960's.





Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois boxcar #2030, built in 1923. A. Riccone Photo, J. Nixon Collection. Right: Wabash Boxcar #49114. This car was assigned to the NJI&I for use at the Studebaker Plant in South Bend. It calls the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, Indiana home these days. Visit them on line at Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. Detailed markings of the car, Click here.

Two great shots of locomotive #1. Left: SW1 Locomotive #1 sits at the roundhouse August 25, 1946. Either finished with a days work, or just starting. M.D. McCarter photo. Right: Locomotive #1 and caboose #203 working the line, October 17, 1964. Dennis Schmidt photo.

Left: November, 17, 1964 must have been a bad day in South Bend for the crew of caboose 203. Looks like the either hit something, or something hit them. Right: NJI&I Locomotive #2 sitting at the roundhouse, November 9, 1963. Both photos by Dennis Schmidt, courtsey George Elwood.

Does this locomotive look familiar? This locomotive was formerly Indiana Northern #100, later NJI&I #2. Today, it sit in Bellevue Ohio at the Mad River and Nickle Plate Railroad Museum . These pictures are courtesy of Mr. Rollie Jordan, the current owner of the locomotive.

Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad corporate office, South Bend, IN. Date of the photo unknown. Building was located on Western Avenue. Craig Berndt photo. Right: 1508 W. Western Ave. The former NJI&I offices in June 2003. Today a Day Care Center calls the old offices home.

Another view of the NJI&I Corporate offices, circa 1974.

Left: Old NJI&I tracks south of the old offices. These tracks once crossed Huron Street. Looking towards the south towards the current CN line. Right: More tracks on Huron Street. These are about 50 yards west of the tracks pictured to the left. Again you are looking south towards the CN tracks.

Left and Right: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois roundhouse, circa 1948. Located south of Sample Street on Olive, this was the center of activity on the NJI&I. The building is still standing.

Left and Right: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois roundhouse, South Bend, Indiana. Located on south Olive Street, this roundhouse was once the engine facilities for the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois. There was once three stalls.

Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois roundhouse. Close up look at two of the stalls. There was once another, which would have been on the north (left side of picture) side of the roundhouse. Right: Looking towards the roundhouse from between lead and team track.

Left: Wabash F-7 2-6-0 #826/ ex New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois at South Bend, June 1933. Look closely at the right side of the picture. There is the roundhouse pictured above. J. Nixon photo. Right: Wabash 2-8-0 #2160 at South Bend. This engine appears to be working the yard west of the roundhouse. P.B. Dunn Photo, from the J. Nixon Collection.

NJI & I 2006


NEW 09-09-2006 The NJI&I in 2006. Left: Looking east at the end of the line. The tracks and crossing were removed in the past few years. Once the tracks continued into the Studebaker Plant. Right: Looking west along the line. South Bend Tribune warehouse is to the right.


NEW 09-09-2006 Looking across the diamond where the NJI&I crossed the SJSB&S. Both lines are under NS control these days. Right: Looking east along the main. Walnut Street crossing is pictured.


NEW 09-09-2006 Left: Looking west along the main west of the Walnut Street crossing. Right: Between Walnut and Olive Streets. Looking along the mainline.

Left: Old NJI&I yard 2003. This picture was taken west of the roundhouse looking back to the east. The tracks to the left of the picture were part of the old right of way. Right: Right of way. Photo was taken looking north. The tracks that curve off in the background will end up at the yard, pictured to the left. The other tracks lead to the Ethanol Plant.

Left: New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois right of way. Yard limit sign and looking to the north, about a half mile north of Route 23. Right: Former NJI&I right of way, the end of the line. Photo taken at Route 23. Everything south of this point has been ripped up.


Looking at the old right of way south of Ireland Road. The roadbed does appear to be walkable, however I did not have the time. Perhaps another day?

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