Indiana Northern Railroad

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Indiana Northern Steam Locomotive #4. This picture was taken just east of the Olive Street grade crossing. The view is to the north, and the open field in the background is now occupied by the A.J. Wright distribution warehouse on Sample Street. The track in the foreground is the old St. Joseph, South Bend & Southern, and is still used by the Norfolk Southern today as a switchback to gain access to their yard on Olive St. -Location information courtesy Andy Laurent and Dan Lawecki-


Left: Indiana Northern 0-4-0 steam switcher, Number 4, near the Walnut Street grade crossing, north of where Circle Lumber is located today. The view is to the northeast. Date unknown. -Additional information courtesy Dan Lawecki- Right: Indiana Northern NW2, Number 1, later NJI&I 100 in South Bend, Indiana. Date and location unknown at this time. Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum and Bob Albert photos, used with their permission. Visit the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum.

Indiana Northern #100, June 1, 1959. This picture shows the color scheme of the Indiana Northern. The building in the background is the enginehouse which was located in the Oliver Plow Works. Strombeck collection.

Does this locomotive look familiar? This locomotive was formerly Indiana Northern #100, later NJI&I #2. Today, it sit in Bellevue Ohio at the Mad River and Nickle Plate Railroad Museum . These pictures are courtesy of Mr. Rollie Jordan, the current owner of the locomotive.

The Indiana Northern Railroad, was chartered and began switching duties in 1893 serving the Oliver Plow Works. The line was later aquired, or purchased by the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois, however, the line was operating until the mid 1950's as the Indiana Northern.

Oliver Chilled Plow Tractors, Model A, sitting on a Rock Island flatcar at the Oliver Plow Works. This photo was taken on the Indiana Northern Railway tracks and that is Building #35 in the background. These tractors were built in South Bend for many years before all tractor production was relocated to the Charles City, Iowa plant. Courtesy of Andy Laurent and Bob Schaeffer.



Left: Indiana Northern right of way, looking south. Picture taken from inside what was formerly the Oliver Plow Works. You are looking south towards Sample Street. Right: Just inside the gate, I discovered an old railroad tie and and tie plate, formerly of the Indiana Northern.

Left: Indiana Northern abandoned right of way. Tracks once ran between the building on the left and the fence on the right. Picture taken from Sample Street, just east of Arnold. The Oliver Plow Works is in the background. Right: Old right of way looking south of Sample.

Left: Old Indiana Northern tracks. These were once the grade crossing at Sample Street, today lying just south of the street. Right: Close up view of old grade crossing.

December 31, 2003. Left: Look close and you can see what remains of the Indiana Northern spur that once serviced Wilson Brothers Shirt Company. These tracks are located on the south side of Werntz Supply and you are looking west in this photo. The Indiana Northern once made a sweeping "S" curve through the property now owned by the salvage company. Right: Looking back to the east from the fence, pictured to the left. Note rail which is still in place along the south side of Werntz Supply.

Another picture of the remains of the track from the Indiana Northern. These tracks, which still can be seen, curve north and end between the buildings (pictured below). You are looking to the southwest in this picture. The spur ran alongside the south wall of the building.





December 31, 2003. Left: Another view of what remains of the Indiana Northern spur that once serviced the plant. You are looking to the north, between buildings. Right: This pictures was taken from between the buildings and you are looking back to the south. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Werntz, of Werntz Supply, for allowing me to photograph on the company property.

Aerial view of part of the Indiana Northern right of way. This view shows the sweeping "S" curve the IN made south of Sample Street. Also in the picture is the New York Central Freight House. Most of this area is today the scap metal company. Thanks to Andy Laurent and the Studebaker National Museum.

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