Lowell Volunteer Fire Department

From accounts and interviews, the closest I can come to the time of the original fire dispatch was 12:25 the morning of May 22, 1952. Upon appraisal of the situation the decision was made to call other departments for assistance by Chief Harold "Bus" Brownell. According to personal accounts, the Lowell Volunteer Fire Department remained "on the scene" for several days cleaning up and fighting spot fires at the wreck site and later the town dump where much of the debris was buried.

The photograph of the Fire Department, circa 1952, taken by Jim Baker.


The pictures of Harold Heuson.

Harold Heuson, Lowell Volunteer Fireman, took the pictures below. The remaining pictures in his collection were given to me by Mr. Ed Bradbury, of Lowell, Indiana. Harold was unable to be interviewed, Mr. Bradbury graciously allowed me access to his photographs.

This picture is of the fire caused by the ruptured alcohol tank cars.







This picture looks like the same as above, but the fireball appears more defined in this view.





Here is a good shot of the fire at the Commercial Avenue crossing. Notice the flames along the curb of Commercial Avenue. The building, with the beer sign, to the left side of the picture is the Hepp Tavern.




This is a picture of the clean up. It is believed this photo was taken in the afternoon of the day after of the wreck.




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