Cedar Lake Fire Department

Unit pictured was NOT at Lowell in 1952. Picture from 2002 Lowell Labor Day Parade.

August 31, 2002 I spoke with Chief Dennis Wilkening of the Cedar Lake Fire Department . Since they responded to Lowell, I contacted them in an attempted to locate pictures or records from the 1952 train wreck. Chief Wilkening finally produced results, although not quite what I had been hoping for.

After pouring through the department's collection of photos, Chief Wilkening contacted me and advised that the photos they once had were taken by Jim Baker, a Lowell firefighter. All of Jim's photos are displayed on the website already, so I found no need to be redundent. Chief Wilkening also informed me that none of the Cedar Lake Firefighters who could have been down in Lowell that day.

I appreciate Chief Wilkening and the Cedar Lake Fire Department for taking the time to check back 50 years.

Cedar Lake Fire Department 2002. The structure has been renovated, enlarged and modernized over the years. The Department has occupied the same land since 1943.

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