1947 Exhibition Train southbound at Alida. Train is north of the B&O crossing. Beaty Memorial Hospital, later known was Westville Correctional Facility had yet to be built.






Left: Alida junction 1956. Westbound B&O freight has just crossed the diamond. Great shot of the freight depot and tower. M.D. McCarter photograph. Used with his permission. Right: B&O 5312 with passenger consist trailing behind approaches the Monon crossing October 6, 1956. Sandy Goodrick photo.

Northbound L&N freight approaching the diamond at Alida. Year is 1974.






L&N action at Alida, April 6, 1976. Freight with locomotive 2814 in the lead northbound to Michigan City. This train is waiting to cross the diamond. The track in the foreground is the interchange track which ran from the B&O south to the Monon mainline. John Strombeck photo.




Diamond is clear so the freight is proceeding across the diamond enroute to Michigan City, Indiana. John Strombeck photo.






Looking north along the Michigan City line, 1974. In the distance is the water tower for the State Hospital, now the Westville Correctional Center.





Looking south, across the B&O towards Haskells. Interchange track would be to the right.






Caboose and end of freight northbound south of Westville. In the distance, on the left is Beatty Memorial Hospital, currently the Westville Correctional Facillity.





Looking north along the former mainline. Work has started to remove the tracks.

Alida crossing. South of Westville, behind Universal Forest Products. The abandoned Monon crosses the CSX. Like many early towns and places along the line, for a time it was called Alida Station. There was a post office in operation during the late 1800's. It opened in 1876. An accident occured on the B&O line here in 1947 which injured 64 people.





Same area, looking north of the junction. Westville is about two miles to the north.







They may be hard to see but just north of the former junction, these old ties remain from the old right of way. About a mile north of this location is the north end of a 64.9 mile tangent (straight track) which ends south of Brookston, Indiana.

M.P. A 47.1 - 3rd Subdivision - X

Northbound freight south of Westville. This photo shows a Michigan City bound freight near the present Westville Correctional Center. When this photo was taken, it was known as Beatty Memorial Hospital.






Mainline looking south from Route 6, Westville.






Route 6 crossing, looking north towards Main Street, downtown Westville.







Westville Indiana, 1974. Left: Looking south along the mainline. In the distance is the Wabash bridge. Right: Looking north from downtown Westville.

"Settled in the late 1830's, the town of Westville was not platted until 1851 with the completion of the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago RR. Once in competition with New Durham and Beaver Dam, the railroad established Westville as a grain shipping center and the community grew as the area's agriculture intensified. By 1876, the town was a leading commercial center of the county, offering residents their choice of attorneys, bakeries, gunsmiths, livery stables, well-drivers, express agents, wagon manufacturers, plasterers, harness makers, insurance agents, carpenters, and hotels. The school system was one of the county's finest. From 1860 to 1872, the Laird School, a private high school famous throughout the Midwest, enrolled 100 students annually. The city's location on one of the county's major thoroughfares allowed the community to prosper after rail shipping was replaced by overland truck routes. Westville thrives today as a commuter center, part of the labor base of Valparaiso, LaPorte and Michigan City." - Courtsey of Portable LaPorte County , Copyright 1978 Michigan City Public Library-



Left: Westville, 1976. Historical marker with the mainline in the background. Right: Downtown Westville, 2002. Main Street and Railroad Avenue. Historical Marker. Looking toward the north. Former depot would be to the right of marker.


Left: Westville depot, February 20, 1908. Deep in northern Indiana snow. Right; Downtown Westville and the depot. Taken from the hammer mill.


Left and Right: Main Street, looking east.


Left: Another view of Main Street looking west. Right: Street scene on Main Street.


Left and Right: More street scenes on Main Street.


Westville Depot. Circa 1959, judging by the vehicle. Tom Rankin photo. Courtsey MRRHTS.







Interchange with the Wabash, Westville. Left: Westville 1900. The Monon mainline and interchange with the Wabash. This view was taken from the Wabash mainline looking north. Mike Fleming Collection. Right: This view is looking south from Main Street in downtown Westville. Westville Lumber and Coal is on the left side of the photo. Tom Rankin photo, courtsey MRRHTS.


Left: Wabash bridge Westville, March 1907. Pictured is the bridge which the Wabash crossed over the Monon. Looking toward the north. Right: Another picture, taken August 1907. Mike Fleming Collection.

Winter scene along the Monon mainline at Westville. Date unknown, although it may have been taken the same day as the interchange picture, circa 1900 above. Mike Fleming Collection.






Action on the Michigan City line, circa 1971. Northbound freight approaching the crossing downtown. Also note activity on the N&W (Wabash) in the distance.





Left: Looking east along the interchange track. The track connected the former Wabash and the Monon. Pictured is a westbound N&W train. In the distance you can see the Westville Wabash depot. Right: Same train. Soon the caboose will be crossing over the Monon.


July 2002. Same general area and view as picture above. Westville Lumber no longer exists. The building is owned by a church, which occupies a building on Main Street. None of the interchange tracks survived. The area is overgrown.






Main Street crossing 2002, looking south. The Wabash crossed over the Monon between Route 6 and Main Street. The bridge abutments are still standing although the bridge has been removed.

Monon Flyer, date unknown, Westville, Indiana. Train is southbound passing under the Wabash. Photo courtsey of the Michigan City Public Library







Left and Right: July 2002. Abutments of the Wabash bridge. I apologize for the quality of the pictures. These were taken at 1:30pm and because of the dense tree cover, even with the flash, good pictures were hard to take. The east abutment was easier to access and I was able to climb to the top. Getting a picture of the view was another issue. Trees obscured the view of the Monon right of way below. These pictures were from the second visit to this location. My first attempt was cut short by a little accident and let's just leave it at that.


West abutment. As stated above, I apologize for the quality of the photo.







Former Monon mainline. Looking south from Wabash bridge abutments. Although heavily overgrown, it does appear that the former right of way is passable to Route 6.





Downtown Westville. Looking north from former depot location at Main Street.







Right: Westville Hammer Mill/ Elevator, circa 2002. South facade of the building. Left: Westville Hammer Mill/ Elevator. Picture of west facade of building. Siding once curved in from the north and terminated at approximate location where this picture was taken.


Wreck train sits on a siding at Westville. The right of way is visible on the left of the photo. Today Paul's Auto Yard occupies the area. Note oil tank in the distance. This facility was used by an oil refinery which was on the north side of SR 2. The Monon then later L&N brought in boxcars, usually IC or GMO, with bagged clay, which was unloaded into a truck.  On occasions tank cars were seen there.  Not sure if the facillity was for dirty oil brought in or rerefined oil transported south. Right: Close up of wreck train. Location for both photos, just north of the depot location.

Northbound L&N freight on the former Monon mainline at Westville. Wabash bridge in the background. The Wabash/ Monon interchange track was to the photographer's back.





North Westville. Looking south from State Route 2. The former right of way runs through Pauls Auto Yard.







North Westville. Looking north from State Route 2 towards Michigan City. To the east of this position there once was an oil company, or reclaimation plant. I'm not sure if it was ever serviced by the Monon.






Looking north along the old right of way. This location is north of 300S, north of Westville. It is about halfway from the road to the location where the Air Line crossed the Monon. It is possible to walk all the way to the Indiana Toll Road along the old right of way.





Building the Air Line bridge over the Monon. This picture, looking west is of the wooden trestle being back filled. Towards the left side of the picture are the concrete bridge abutments and bridge which spans the Monon mainline north of Westville. Photo Courtesy Kevin Heggi.


Two views of the Air Line crossing. Left: Detailed look at the freshly built abutments. Looking north along the Monon mainline, the date July 22, 1908. Photos courtesy Kevin Heggi.


Left and Right: North of Westville. Left: Looking south along the former Monon right of way. Bridge abutments pictured are those of the Chicago-New York Electric Air Line Railroad which operated between 1907 and 1917. Right: Detailed look at the east abutment, looking toward the northeast.


Two more looks at the former Air Line/ Monon crossing. Left: The abutment on the east side of the Monon mainline. Right: The west abutment.

Standing on the old right of way looking north towards the Toll Road and Michigan City.





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