St. John, Indiana. Page Three

The five pictures below are courtesy of Patia Gaugh from her family's collection. Her Grandfather Chet worked 42 years on the Monon Railroad. We appreciate her allowing these photos to be added.


Left: Steam locomotive 432 lies shattered alongside the right of way. Right: Truck wheels and wreckage of the St. John accident. -Gaugh Family Collection photographs, courtesy Patia Gaugh-


Left: More wreckage and parts of the trailer that was struck. Right: Another shot of #432.-Gaugh Family Collection photographs, courtesy Patia Gaugh-

One final view of the wreckage, or what is left of the cab of #432.

Pictures below are from the train accident which occurred in St. John, Indiana, May 24, 1928. These images were found in the archives of the Chicago Daily News. We have included two images of bodies being removed from the accident scene. We hope this does not upset anyone.


















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