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No visit to Monon would be complete without a stop at the caboose. The caboose sits in a grassy area between the interchange track and the old Indianapolis mainline. Although not original Monon, this caboose and historical marker are tribute to what the Monon Railroad meant to this community and Indiana. Even though it is NOT authentic Monon, it is still pretty neat.




The replacement depot still stands to this day. This is the east side of the structure, taken closer than the image above. The Michigan City branch is in the foreground. It is still in use by the CSX as far north as Medaryville. Like to take a look inside the depot today.





Monon Indiana, looking south towards the diamond and depot. CSX engine sits on the siding east of the main. Photo taken in August of 2001 by Mike Aufderheide, courtsey of Mike and Kevin Ruble.






The Town of Monon, Business District, circa 2001. Left: Market Street (Highway 421) looking southwest. Right: Former Monon State Bank building. Date on the building is 1912.

Monon Indiana 2003, looking at the west side of the depot. The mainline curves south and heads to Lafayette. Line to the left of the photo was the old Indianapolis line.





Today, this is all that remains of the old hotel. An overgrown foundation. Pretty stark contrast to the image above. I'm one of the unlucky ones who never saw the old hotel up close.






Left: Monon Creek bridge. Looking north along the mainline. CSX GP-15-1 stands on the old Michigan City branch at the depot. Right: Up close and personal with the engine. Too bad it wasn't running. Always wanted to drive one of these.



Left: April 2003. This is what remains of the yard shown above. Right, another view of the same area. You are looking to the southwest in this picture. Not much left of what at one time was an important part of the Monon and the town.


Left and Right: Monon, Indiana 2003. Picture is what is left of the old railshop in Monon. Mike Aufderheide photos.


The Monon enginehouse inspection pit, circa 2003. Mike Auf der Heide wandered out to Monon and found what remains. Mike Aufderheide photo.






The steps that once went down into the inspection pit. Mike said that the rails are still visible in either side of the pit. Mike Aufderheide photo.









Crossing the mainline west of Monon. State Road 16 crossing looking southeast towards Monon.






South Yard at Monon, 2004. Looking north from Quarry Road back towards town. Right: Looking south along the mainline. Off to the left of the image is the stone quarry and crusher.



The 2007 look. Left and Right: BMIA Operative Jim Wolfe submitted these photos of the Dye Lumber area, circa 2007.

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