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Left: South Yard action. Train #73 takes the hole to wait for Train #6 to pass and arrived at Monon. Right: Caboose on Train #73 rounds the curve at Monon.



Left: Coal dock and turntable, Monon, Indiana. Date unknown. Right: NW1 #50 at the coal docks in Monon, date unknown.


May 25, 1963, Monon, Indiana. Train #6 making a stop. Left: Train #6, with F3 208 in the lead arrives at the depot. Right: Shot of the mail/ express car.



May 25, 1963, Monon, Indiana. Train #6 making a stop. Left: Another view of the rear coach on Train 6. Right: Southbound making a stop at Monon also on May 25, 1963. The entire Strombeck Family had cameras and snapped pictures that day of the action in and around the depot. Some great shots too.


Monon Indiana, Parlor-Observation Car #71 on the northbound Tippecanoe (despite the drumhead). This car was different from its twin #72 in the paint scheme and built in lamps.





Monon Indiana, southbound #5 with F3 207 at the depot in Monon.





MC local Northbound train 56 leaving Monon, circa 1969. This train will terminate in Michigan City.





F3 # 63B on the point of a southbound freight, south of Monon, Indiana. Year is 1956. In the distance, to the right, is the quarry and rock crusher complex.







Left: Great shot of southbound freight with F unit in the lead rounding the curve at Monon. Right: On the Indianapolis line near Monon.


Left: Temporary depot at Monon. Ex-baggage car #317 becomes the depot. Right: Train 12, northbound on the Indianapolis Line. Both images, circa 1951.


Left: The transfer shed for LCL (Less than Carload) freight. This was part of the west yard. Date of picture unknown. Mahlon Eberhard photo, courtsey of Mahlon Eberhard and Ken Weller. Right: Same transfer shed in 1967. Looks just slightly more time worn. Tim Swan photo.


This is a really great shot of the depot taken in 1967. The old hotel, the curving mainline and the Indianapolis Branch. What a great picture.





A great look at the Monon Hotel. I have seen plenty of side and partial views of the hotel. This picture is the first that I have seen of the wall that sat next to the tracks. Image courtsey of Mike Aufderheide.

Another great shot by Tim Swan. The classic white band on the top of the boxcar. There were two yards at Monon. The main yard, called the North Yard, was west of the depot and was 11 tracks wide (including the mainline) and about 2,500 feet long with a 270 car capacity in 1948. The other yard, the South Yard, ran parallel to the Louisville main and began immediately south of the Monon Creek bridge. It was only 5 tracks wide but had a 278 car capacity because it was 4,200 feet long. These cars I believe were in the South Yard.



More Monon freight cars sitting in the yard. This is probably the west yard. It looks like picture was taken from the enginehouse, looking towards the northeast. Tim Swan photo.





My personal favorite engine of all time. EMD BL2 #36 sits in the enginehouse at Monon, Indiana sometime in 1967. The first time I laid eyes on one of these "ugly" things, I was hooked. Forgive me, but, these unique looking engines were "cool". Tim Swan photo.






Went surfing to George Elwoods fabulous page on Fallen Flag Railroads and found this new picture of BL2 37, April 1967, Monon, Indiana. Great picture. George Elwood photo.


Left: November 24, 1972. Southbound L&N local freight north of Monon. Right: Same local, arriving at the diamond at Monon.


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