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More Monon Pictures

Left: April 1983. Monon BL2 #34 pulls up towards the diamonds as a South Shore frieght clears it. The Monon and South Shore exchanged thousands of cars every year. Right: Also April 1963. Same BL2 working around the Pullman Standard plant. Note Pullman Standard locomotive #5 next to the BL2.

Monon BL2 #35 sitting south of the freight depot at Michigan City, August 1967. The depot, like the Monon is only a memory.

Michigan City Indiana, August 1967. Locomotive #46 working the Michigan City branch.






Even after discontinuance of passenger service, Michigan City was no stranger to passenger equipment on the branch. Pictured are special excursion trains. These trains brought employees on outings, or railfans over the line.

Michigan City depot. Company fan trip excursion extra at Michigan City. Cookie Eberhard was not sure of the exact date.




Somewhere in Michigan City. C420 # 518 working the branch.






November 1960. This BL2 sits on the south side of the Michigan City freight house waiting for its next assignment. It displays the original Monon paint scheme for a BL2.






On the date this picture was taken in 1963, the Michigan City freight house was over 100 years old. A sturdy building which at one time permitted freight cars to be unloaded inside.




Left: August 20, 1966, Dennis Schmidt captured this picture of 46 working the Michigan City line, somewhere in Michigan City, Indiana.


L&N Action In Michigan City on the Monon

Left: June 21, 1976. Two L&N locomotives on the Michigan City branch waiting for some action. Right: Front on view of L&N locomotive 1614 sitting next to Pioneer Lumber, which was east of the old freight depot.

L&N action on the Monon. Left: April 6, 1976, a pair of L&N locomotives at Michigan City. Right: Another view of the same L&N locomotives on the former Michigan City line at 10th Street crossing the South Shore line.

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