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Steam engine 452 sits at the freight depot at Michigan City. Date of photograph unknown.






More steam in Michigan City. Left: Steam engine 551 working the line near 10th Street. Right: Steam locomotive #544 near the Pullman Plant.



Circa 2002. Area is east of Franklin Street, looking east towards Pioneer Lumber. Picture taken just east of Matey's. "To the north, at the harbor on the east side of Franklin Street, stood a large complex of engine repair shops, turntable, and roundhouse of the Michigan Central. Once a familiar landmark at the harbor, the engine repair shop building, built in 1851-52, was on the National Register of Historic Places until it was demolished in June, 1978." - Courtsey of Portable LaPorte County , Copyright 1978 Michigan City Public Library-




Another view of the area east of Franklin Street towards Pioneer Lumber and Trail Creek. This photo was taken east of the old run through freight depot.







Left: Circa 2002. Looking from former Michigan Central depot east towards Franklin Street. The building in the picture is Matey’s Restaurant. The former location of the run through freight depot. This area, once busy with railroad activity, now stands vacant. Right: Looking east from in front of the Michigan Central depot east towards Franklin Street and run through depot location. Could these rails be part of the former Monon?


Left: Michigan City roundhouse, circa 1940's. Roundouse was north of Earl Road on the south side of the yard facilities in Michigan City. (MRRTHS Photo) Right: Michigan City roundhouse, 1946.

Left: Michigan City roundhouse, circa 1940's. Picture is looking towards the turntable from inside the roundhouse. Right: Michigan City roundhouse turntable, date unknown.


Left: Michigan City roundhouse, circa 1945. Right: Steam locomotive #551 coaling at the Michigan City roundhouse. -Ron Marquardt Collection-

Looking north towards the PM tower from the Earl Road yard. The roundhouse would have bee to the left of the photographer. -Mahlon Eberhard Collection-




Roundhouse Junction, March 1976. Roundouse junction was north of Earl Road. Automatic interlocker with the Pere Marquette. Switch point derail is visible. (MRRTHS Photo)






Left: North end of the Michigan City yard and the PM Tower. The roundhouse has been demolished by the turntable remains. Right: Another shot of the Michigan City yard near Earl Street.


Left: Another shot of the Michigan City Yard. Note BL2 sitting on turntable. Right: PM Tower and Junction. Pullman Standard Plant is on the right side of the iimage. .

Looking south across the PM diamond at Michigan City.


Yard 2002. Standing at the former Pere Marquette junction, looking south towards Earl Road. Roundhouse would be just south of and off to the right of where this photo was taken. No evidence remains that there was ever a roundhouse there.





Pere Marquette junction. Looking north towards Lake Michigan and the former Pullman Standard plant. Kinizele Ditch is off to the photographer's right, everything else is long gone.






North of the Pere Marquette junction. Looking south towards Earl road. Walked back to location from Hitchcock Road.






North of the Pere Marquette junction. Looking to the north. Have heard that there was an old rusted out signal somewhere around, but was unable to locate it. This area was also clearly posted "No Trespassing" so I limited my time to an "in and out" only search.




Monon BL2 operating on the Michigan City branch, circa 1962. Exact location is unknown, although the photographer believes it was taken north of Highway 12. John Strombeck photo.






Left: Monon local. Picture is of the short lived black and yellow paint scheme. This local is working the line around 10th Street. Date of photo is unknown, however, judging by the snow, we can presume it was taken during winter. (MRRTHS Photo) Right: 10th Avenue crossing, date unknown. Looking east along the South Shore. Here is where the South Shore crossed both the Monon and NYC. Mike Fleming Collection.

10 Avenue Tower. This tower protected the Monon and Chicago, South Bend and South Shore crossing.


Local action at Michigan City, circa 1950's. Left: BL2 working local. Right: BL2 waits at the 10 Avenue South Shore crossing.


Left: 10 Street Tower and mainline. Pullman Standard to the right. Right: Another view of mainline and Pullman.

New Pullman U.S. Navy boxcars sit south of 10th Street. Mainline is also pictured.


Left: 11th Street junction with South Shore, 2002. Looking north towards Lake Michigan. Right: 11th Street junction with South Shore. Looking south towards Earl Road. Area west of tracks was once part of a yard that served the Pullman Standard plant.

Part of the former Pullman Standard plant in Michigan City. Most of the plant was destroyed in 1973 by fire. The photo is looking northeast. The north end of the building is about a block south of 11th St, and it is almost a 1/2 mile long. On the north end of the building there was a Pullman Standard sign above a rail car sized door that looked like it was converted to a truck dock.

Abandoned maniline south of Earl Road. The trail appears to be open all the way to U.S> Highway 20. Judging by all the tire marks, it looks like a favorite recreation spot for off-road vehicles.





Abandoned maniline north of U.S. Highway 20. Plenty of tire marks visible on up close inspection.





Abandoned maniline south of U.S. Highway 20. Brown Inc., is off to the right of the photo.





What self-respecting tour of Michigan City would not include a close up of the Trail Creek bridge. Looking eastbound.






Our final stop on the Michigan City tour, the former crossing at County Road 400S. Left: Looking to the north. Right: Right of way looking south. Right of way now on private land, judging by the signs and gate.


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