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Train #73 picking up speed after working the Nickle Plate interchange. This freight originated at South Hammond to handle the overflow traffic that Train #71 had left behind.






These images were taken from the Monon Railroad Historical -Technical Society's Ron Marquardt Image CD. Left: Southbound coming out onto the mainline at Linden. about to cross the Nickle Plate, April 1971. Right: Also April 1971. Working the interchange track with the Nickle Plate.


Left: Train #73 heads south past the depot. The building near the top left hand corner of the photo was he building that housed the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc's World Headquarters for many years. -Ron Marquardt photographs, Ron Marquardt Collection- Right: Monon C-420 #515 charges southbound across the diamond at Linden.


Left and Right: The Linden depot. Picture on left is circa 1976, on the right 1979. This depot, shared by the Monon and Nickle Plate is now a museum.

Train #73 passing through Linden, Indiana. -Linton Moss Photograph-


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