MP 121.0 - 1st Subdivision -

Lafayette Junction is where the Monon met and crossed the Big Four on the south side of Lafayette. The Monon also crossed the Wabash furthur south of the Big Four crossing.

Lafayette Junction, date unknown.


The Hoosier moving north through Lafayette Junction, July 27, 1947. The train was running as a extra that day. The train consisted of Baggage-Mail 11, Coaches 21, 22, 23, Dining Bar Lounge 51 and Parlor-Observation 71. The two unit diesel train made an exhibition tour in August of 1947.





New York Central Pax Train with flexivan on rear with mail crossing the Monon diamond at Lafayette Junction. The Wabash line is to the right of the image. Unknown date.






C628 402 crossing the NYC/NKP diamond at Lafayette Junction on a freight going south. The caboose of the train is still coming down the street in Lafayette. Right: Alco C-628 on the point of a southbound freight at Lafayette Junction.

November 1979. Lafayette Junction. Looking north along the former Monon. Ex-NYC is to the left.








Left: Cab View of Lafayette Junction. Looking southbound through Lafayette Junction, 1971. Right: Lafayette Junction Tower. -Dick Fontaine Photographs-


Left and Right: Indside the Lafayette Junction Tower. -Dick Fontaine Photographs-


Left: Lafayette Junction Tower, circa 1979. Right: Another look at the tower and signal maintenance shed.


Left and Right: Above and Below. The demolition of the Layfayette Junction Tower. -Jim W. Smith Photos-




Lafayette Junction. Left: April 1967, C-420 #502 on the lead of a passenger at Lafayette Junction. Right: May 1967, #502 again passing through Lafayette Junction on the lead of a passenger.

RS-2 #54, April 1967, seen from Lafayette Junction tower. It has come through town and across the NYC/NKP diamond on is going to the bean plant in the background.





Southbound freight crossing through Lafayette Junction, circa 1971.







Left, Right and Below: Washout at Lafayette, Junction. May 3, 1966. Rick Dreistadt photographs.

Ballast Switch

MP 125.0 - 1st Subdivision -


Left and Right, Above and Below: Wreck near Lilly, at Ballast. -Dick Fontaine Photographs-




Left and Right: Monon wreck train works to clear the mainline near the Lilly Plant south of Lafayette.


Left: Monon derricks clean up a derailment at the Eli Lilly Company switch (MP 122.6) south of Lafayette Junction. Right: Ten years later and two of the cars are still there along the right of way. The two cars pictured had a substance like cement inside them. Today the area is the 231 Bypass.


Freight action south of Lafayette, at Ballast Switch. Left: Train #73, circa 1969. Right: Train #72 at Ballast, August of 1970. -Dave Ritenour Photographs-

South of Lafayette. Passenger train #5 heading south from Lafayette. This train is climbing out of the river valley and headed towards Bloomington. It was just cleared Lafayette Junction where the Monon crossed the Big Four and Nickle Plate minline.




Southbound Football Special, passing near Ballast, 1967.





Northbound NIPSCO Special at Ballast, November 1969. -Dave Ritenour Photograph-





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