Hammond Monon/ Erie Station


Depot 1Hammond Monon/ Erie depot. Date unknown








Left: Opening of the Monon/ Erie depot. Mixed consist of equipment from both the Monon and Erie on a rainy day. Right: August 1967. Northbound passenger, with #501 on the head, making a stop in Hammond. Regular passenger service on the Monon would end a month later.

Left: One of the really great shots of the Monon/ Erie Station. Date on the photo was not given, but the depot was completed in 1953 and was dedicated October 27, 1953 in the rain and mist. All those present were given an aluminum piece of metal shaped somewhat like a horseshoe or a clover leaf. In the center was a Lincoln Head penny. The face of the aluminum reads "KEEP ME AND HAVE GOOD LUCK" and the other side had "MONON-ERIE PASSENGER STATION" along the rim and around the penny was, "DEDICATION, OCTOBER 27, 1953". When it opened it was served by three Monon passenger trains each way. One to Louisville and two to Indianapolis. The Erie also ran three trains. Richard Baldwin photo.




Left: The combination Hammond Monon/ Erie depot is almost completed. This depot was built to escape making stops in downtown. Right: The new Hammond Monon/ Erie depot. -Mahlon Eberhard Collection-

Monon/ Erie Railroad Depot. South of Douglas Street on Lyman Avenue. Date unknown.






Monon Erie Station, date unknown, looking north.







1961Summer of 1961 and a northbound passenger is slowing to a stop at Hammond. Erie yard is off to the left of the picture.





Hamd 1961 Northound making a stop in Hammond, December 1961. F-unit #81A is on the point.






C420 #501 on a southbound Train 5 north of the deopt in this winter scene. Exact date unknown.






Sad but historic day for the Monon. The last scheduled revenue passenger train stops at Hammond. September 1967. Business Car #3 on the tail end.






Left and Right, Above and Below: Dick Fontaine's camera captured the abandoned Hammond/ Erie depot boarded up and waiting to be demolished.



Monon Erie Station, circa 1980's. Awaiting the wrecking ball.

Another view of the depot, before demolition.

Hammond Monon/ Erie Station, Today

Monon Erie Station, 05-25-02 , looking north.

Left: The remains of the Monon/ Erie Railroad Station. Right: Looking south from Douglas Street crossing.

Looking down on the former depot location from one of the light towers. Northbound local freight passing the former Erie yards which are also silent and gone.





More Hammond Monon Images.


Monon locomotive 14 with local switching duties in Hammond, Indiana, May 5, 1967. Metz Furniture building is in the background. Strombeck Collection.








Another look at NW2 14 switching at some of the Monon's more important customers, Metz Furniture and Rand McNally, in May of 1967. These companies were on opposite sides of the mainline. The photographer is facing the southwest in this view. The Rand McNally lead came off the mainline at the north end of the siding in the foreground. The siding would curve behind the photographer and run east to Rand McNally and the Erie mainline. They also served as an interchange between the Erie and the Monon. Another important customer was the Hammond Times . Even after the South Hammond yard was closed, a local continued to run up the old line and serve the paper.


Well, we have two shots of the locomotive on the local freight, so, might as well see the caboose. Transfer caboose 81552 at Metz Furniture, May 1967.





Southbound local freight at Hohman Avenue. Photo courtsey of Kevin Ruble.






Northbound local freight at Hohman Avenue. Photo courtsey of Kevin Ruble.








More action in Hammond. Left: Alco C420 #502 pulls a freight past the Erie yards. The combination Monon/ Erie depot's platform is on the left side of the photo. Right: With F3A #203 leading, the northbound is crossing the Harbor Belt at Hohman Avenue, April 1965. The tower next to #203 is Hohman Tower, protecting all those IHB-NYC(MC) diamonds.


Two more great shots of passenger varnish. Left: Freshly painted and standing inspection at the Hammond depot in 1947. The Hoosier sits in the late afternoon sun.

Left: Great view from a southbound passenger at Marble Street in Hammond. This train has just passed through State Line Junction and is approaching the Grand Calumet River. -Steve Hill Collection-







Monon BL2 #36 is about to lead a transfer local into Chicago in the late 1960's. It is crossing the diamonds at Hohman Avenue.





Downtown Hammond crowd scene, circa 1940's. This picture is most likely of the crowd gathered to welcome a politician (Note loudspeakers on passenger cars). The train is on the Erie mainline but both lines are shown. Photo courtsey of Kevin Ruble.





Northbound making a station stop in downtown Hammond, circa 1936.






The Monon mainline (Left to right in foreground in front of the tower) where it crossed the C&O and other lines in Hammond. This picture dates from the 1920's. -Courtesy of Bob Clark-







Left: Switcher #15 working the local in Hammond. Right: Switcher 17 takes a ride on the South Hammond turntable.


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