Chicago Dearborn Station Demolition

Photo: Dearborn Station, pre 1922

Photo: Dearborn Station, July 8, 1974

The station was closed on May 2, 1971, as the first step of Amtrak's consolidation of Chicago's remaining intercity train operations at Union Station. In 1976 Santa Fe Railroad eliminates three of its seven daily departure routes from Dearborn Station. Four of the five other railroads serving Dearborn Station also end most of their daily runs. In 1976, Dearborn Station's trainshed was demolished and tracks were removed. However, the headhouse building escaped the fate of several other Chicago stations like Central Station and Grand Central Station, which were both demolished.

Photo: August 21, 1972. Empty Train Shed. This station does not serve passengers anymore.


In 1986 Dearborn Station was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Amid much controversy, train sheds are demolished by the Station's ownership. The train station stood abandoned into the mid-1980s when it was converted to retail and office space. The former rail yards provided the land that is now known as Dearborn Park. This Chicago urban community is one of the nation's most successful urban renewal projects and comprises several parks, an elementary school, high rise and mid rise apartment towers, townhomes and single family homes. Today Dearborn Station remains as a landmark that is reminiscent of the railroad era but is now the focal point for a dynamic residential neighborhood.








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