MP 141.0 1st Subdivision -

This station first appeared on a timetable about 1866. At one time there was a boxcar station and the station last appeared regularly until 1936. The station location and old elevator were north of the location of the present elevator.

Southbound freight passing the old Cherry Grove elevator, circa 1971. Not long after this photo was taken, the Monon merged into the L&N.





Southbound local splits the signals at Cherry Grove, Indiana. Unknown date.



The second elevator at Cherry Grove. Left: Looking south along the former mainline, circa 2004. Right: CSX action at Cherry Grove. Northbound freight passing by the elevator.

ADM locomotive at the Cherry Grove elevator. This was formerly the last locomotive on the Ferdinand Railroad.







MP 144.0 1st Subdivision -

This location first appeared as Shirley Hill on the CI&L Timetable of 1901. It became Manchester in 1904.


July 18, 1909: Manchester, Indiana: Passenger train No. 3, southbound on the Monon Railroad, jumped the track while rounding a curve. Two trainmen were killed and six passengers injured.  The mail clerks, the conductors and baggageman were slightly hurt.


Looking north along the mainline at Manchester, circa 1958. Picture was taken from a southbound train.






Manchester, looking north along the right of way. I-74 has yet to be built. -MRHTS Photo Archives Collection-








North end switch at Manchester. This was a spring switch in Monon days. Ron Marquardt, retired Monon Engineer, said he ran over it at speed with a loco that picked the points so it had to be rebuilt; spring switch was removed since the siding was little used by then.  Prior to him crashing here, the switchstand would have had an S on it. Manchester mostly held cars to be sent to scrap. Photo was taken 11-25-1971. -Jim W Smith Photograph-

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