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The Indiana Limestone District

Bloomington was settled around 1815 and platted on April 11, 1818. Bloomington incorporated as a city in 1876 with Charles W. Henderson as Mayor. There are many legends surrounding the naming of Bloomington. One oral tradition maintains that the name was suggested when a group of early settlers, gazing from a hill overlooking the site, were impressed by the flowers and foliage which were in bloom. Another legend suggests that the name honors an early settler, William Bloom.

Bloomington 1905. Could this depot at one time also been a "run through" like Gosport? Original photographer unknown. Courtesy of Ken Weller.


Bloomington Indiana depot, circa 1910. Exact date unknown.






From the Monon Railroad Historical Technical Society's photo archives. Steam locomotive #31 on a turntable, which was by the depot. Date unknown.







Left: Bloomington Depot, built of Indiana Limestone, it was considered an improvement made by W.H. McDoel. Right: The Monon Centennial in 1947 was a cause to celebrate the railroad. Pictured is the arrival of the B&O's historic locomotive #25 at Bloomington.



1947 Centennial Train and celebration at Bloomington.



Left and Right: Front entrance side of the Bloomington, Indiana depot, circa late 1950's early 1960's.


Left: Another view of the front of the Bloomington depot, with REA truck standing by. Unknown date. Right: Another look at the street side of the Bloomington Depot, circa 1960's. -Joe Land Collection-


NEW 07-10-2011 Left: Christmas Break 1963. Indiana University student wait at the depot to be taken home. Right: Northbound Train #6 arriving at Bloomington. Soon all these college students will be on the way home. -Schoon Family Photographs-



Left: Bloomington Freight House, date unknown. This building sat west of the limestone depot downtown. Right: Monon Freight House Bloomington, Indiana. 1964


Southbound passenger arriving in Bloomington. Date of the photograph, unknown. Train number unknown also.










Left: Southbound arriving in Bloomington. Date unknown. Right: Passenger arriving in Bloomington, date unknown.


Left: Southbound Thoroughbred arriving at Bloomington. Right: Thoroughbred stopped at the depot. -John Pickett photos-

The southbound football special, as evidenced by the white flags on the locomotive, arrives at Bloomington, Indiana. -John Pickett photos-



Left: Purdue - IU football special arrives at Bloomington, 1949. An RS-2 arrives to move the train to McDoel to be turned for the return trip. Right: Football special is separated in two halfs near the depot.. -John Pickett photos-

Bloomington Elevator


Bloomington Elevator and Illinois Central Freight House downtown Bloomington.







Northbound "Thoroughbred" passenger train making a stop at Bloomington, 1959.






Bloomington Depot, circa 1960.








NEW 06-10-2011 Left: Cold 1963 December morning as IU students wait for Train #6 to arrive and carry them home for the holidays. This same scene would be repeated at all the colleges and universities up and down the Monon. Right: Train #6 with black and gold units on the point arrive at Bloomington. -David Schoon Photographs-


Bloomington Indiana, March 1, 1964. The "Thoroughbred" comes to a stop at the depot. Bloomington was the largest community between Lafayette and New Albany, as well as the home of Indiana University. In the final years of the Monon's passenger service, deficits had become a growing burden. There was a proposal to drop passenger service south of Bloomington. The resulting train could still service all the college towns on the Monon.




April 16, 1966. Monon C628 leads a 70 series freight into Bloomington. Through trial and error the Monon found that three C628's were too much power for a typical freight. However, lashing two up with a recently rebuilt RS2 was just the right amount of power.





McDoel Yard

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McDoel Yard Office, circa 1917. This photo is of the office at McDoel Yard in Bloomington. Photo is courtesy of John Stigall.





Group of Monon employees at McDoel Yard, exact date unknown.







Bloomington, McDoel Yard coaling tower. Unknown date.






Right: Steam 554 arrives at McDoel with a stone train. -John Pickett Photo.-


Left: The Varsity gets ready for its Friday - Sunday run. The Varsity served the college students up and down the Monon for a short time. Here they get ready at McDoel Yard. -John Pickett Photo-






Left: The transition between steam and diesel at McDoel. Steam 554, an RS-2 and NW-2. Right: RS-2 on the McDole turntable and Steam locomotive at McDoel. -John Pickett Photos-


Two view of the turntable at McDoel. Left: Circa 1976. Right. Three years later, 1979.


The sand house and tower at McDoel. Left: Circa 1979. Picture taken from turntable. Note former troop kitchen cars. Right: 1976. Note camp cars to the right and turntable in background.


McDoel Yard Office. Left: Date Unknown. F3 64B pictured. Right: Another view, circa 1960's.


Two shots of the McDoel Yard office. The mustang on the left dates the picture on the left to between 1965 and about 1970.  The warehouse is still there today with the loading doors blocked up.   The station has had the roof overhangs cut off so boxcar could clear the building.  I would say this station building was torn down after the new building at Grimes lane was completed.  Right: This station and the addition shown is circa 1961.  Obviously the other two buildings behind the yard office had to be torn down for the warehouse and railroad siding to fit to the west of the yard office.

Southbound passenger at Bloomington, McDoel Yard. No date listed on photo. -Courtesy Steve Dolzall-






Looking south at McDoel Yard. This photo is circa mid to late 1960's.






Rusting old fuel tank, circa 1976. Monon name still visible, but just barely.






Monon Water Tower, McDoel Yard. October 1962.










McDoel Yard, April 2002. This group of pictures are of the McDoel Yard, 2002. The days of this facility are numbered. Just recently CSX ran the last train out of the yard. Soon it will become a park. Yet another piece of Monon heritage and history slipping away. Photos courtesy of Tim Wootton, used with his permission.




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