MP 148.4 1st Subdivision - JN

Ames Junction and Tower, circa 1948. The steam locomotive in on the PRR and just about to cross the Monon.







Ames tower looking east.






Crawfordville 1959. 84B on the point of a northbound passenger at Ames Junction.








Ames Junction. Left: November 1966. Monon Train #6 moving through Ames. The Thoroughbred is lead by F3A #203. Right: Another view of the junction, circa 1979.

Looking at the Ames Junction tower from the cab of a northbound freight, late 1960's.






NEW 01-23-2011 Ames Junction, southbound passenger.


Left: Monon freight crossing the diamond at Ames, circa 1968. Right: Ames Junction 2004.

Another look at Ames, complete with several CSX locomotives on their way to Indianapolis. Ames was a featured stop on the 2004 Monon Railroad Historical Technical Technical Society's Convention Bus Tour.






MP 153.9 1st Subdivision -


The community of Whitesville, circa 1976. Left: Like many rural areas along the former Monon, the local elevator was the center of activity. Looking at the elevator at Whitesville. I believe in this view you are looking toward the south. Right: Looking north along the mainline toward the elevator.

NEW 07-10-2011 Long freight, with U23B #605 in the lead and lots of motive power, splitting the signals at the southend of the Whiteville siding, MP 154.2.






Another look north along the mainline at Whitesville.






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