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NEW 07-20-2011

Intermountain Composite Gons

Vist Intermountain or you favorite hobby dealer.


N scale Rider Car

Stew Winstandley is manufacturing N scale Monon Rider Cars. This is NOT a Society project.

For all the details, price and availablity visit RailroadClocks.com


The ready to run Micro Trains cars are now on sale through our Company Store

Monon Motive Power

F-3's* - Kato
RS-2's - Kato
C-628 - Atlas
H15-44 - Atlas
BL-2 - LifeLike

*The newest model is a dual headlight, two porthole version of the F-unit. Older shell versions of a single headlight, two porthole versin can still be found.

Note: A company called TrainWorx (they advertize in the N scale magazines) has a service that will turn down any oversized locomotive wheels for a reasonable cost.

Freight Cars

Freight Cars - Micro Trains
Troop Kitchen Car - Micro Trains
Freight Cars - Atlas

These manufactures have several examples of rolling stock that come close to Monon prototype.

Passenger Cars

Con Cor / Rivarossi
JnJ Car Sides

Decent representations can be found from Con Cor and the old Rivarossi castings.

JnJ makes some very nice brass car sides for baggage and RPO cars.

More coming soon

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