2012 Convention Images

We hope to add photographs to this page as soon as they are submitted to the Webmaster.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Heggi and Stew Windstanley


Left and Right: Convention attendees wait at the French Lick Depot to board our Dinner Train.


Left: Monon display at the depot. Right: The old girl with fresh makeup. She looks fantastic.

Your Webmaster/ Director poses with Lynne.


Left: Inside the 300 Dining Car. Right: The 200Dining Car. Looks like the people are really enjoying the trip.


Left: The Jasper, Indiana depot. Right: Barbershop Quartet who entertained us during the trip.

Chilling with the train crew in the Lounge Car after dinner.


Left and Right: Dinners aboard the Lynne. Talk about riding and dining in style..

The Lynne at Jasper.

Courtesy Of William "Sunny" Smith


Left: End platform of the Lynne. Right: "Look Pete, I'm touching it."


Left: The Smith's pose for the camera. Right: At Jasper.


Left: "Up and Down The Monon" train guest are entertained by a Barber Shop Quartet.

Courtesy of President Pete Pedigo


Left: Kevin Heggi bellies up to the bar. Right: The new tables and chairs in the main salon. First class accommodations.


Left: The tables await the passengers. Right: Replica set of china that will be sold by the Stores. Stay tuned for more details.


Left and Right: Looks like they are having a good time.


Courtesy of Robert Wheeler


Left: Name plate on side of the Lynne. Right: The history of the car is on display.


Left: The platform end of the Lynne. Right: She looks beautiful, doesn't she?


Left: Lisa Nave on the Left and Marlee Franklin on the right. These cousins of Lynne Marie Chambers donated the original brass name plates of the Lynne back to the Society. Right: Pete Pedigo helps install the brass nameplates over the vinyl lettering.


Left: The brass nameplates are finally installed. Right:The nameplate looks right at home.


Left: The City of Jasper motive power at the French Lick depot. Right: Caboose 81531 at IRM.

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