October 1-3, 2010

Thursday Adventures


Left and Right: Former Monon caboose at Ryland Heights Kentucky.


Left: As it should be. Right: Looks ready for some new paint.


Left: Pickers...Black Ops Style. Right: Black Ops negotiating.

Friday Activities


Left: Black Ops, checking his daily orders. Right: Black Ops Staff Car waiting for assignment.


Left: Okay, is this the right place? Right: Once more guys. Where are we going for lunch?


Left: The history of Bourbon lies down this hallway. Right: Rick Berg with some Fighting Cock BBQ Sauce.


Left: MRHTS Convention attendees wait for the start of the Heaven Hill Distillery tour. Right: I promise honey, I only buy the $250 bottle. I promise.


Left: Yes Rick, there will be a tasting after the tour. Right: Our Guide Holly explains all about Bourbon.


Left: The many brands of Bourbon made at Heaven Hill. Right: The Rickhouse, where the Bourbon is aged.


Left: The Barrel Family. Right: Say "cheese" everybody.


Left: Holly explains the purpose of the aging process. Right: There Bourbon in dem dare barrels!


Left: Best part of the tour, the tasting!!! Right: MRHTS Members gather at Buffalo Wings and Rings.


Left: Jolly jokester...If Steve only knew. Oh wait, he will. Right: Everyone engaged in conversation.


Left: Steve is waiting for our waitress to find his check. Right: Reverend Jim Swanson sets a new MRHTS wing eating record..25!!!

Saturday Activities KRM


Left: Early arrivals at KRM. President VanBree makes sure people get to the right place. Right: Raffle winner. They were able to ride in the cab of BL2 #32.


Left: BL2 #32 ready to go. Right: Your webmaster posing.


Left: Steve Long, Joe Novosel and Frank Van Bree plot how to take the BL2 home. Right: Steve Long strikes a pose.


Left: Getting ready to board the train. Right: MRHTS members get comfortable in the seats.


Left: Steve Long shows Chris Lewis the controls of the BL2. Right: Engineer Steve


Left: View from the Engineers seat. Right: One of the bridges along the way.


Left: Looking back from the engine. Right: Another shot looking back from the locomotive.


NEW 10-12-2010 Can you have too many photos of the Monon BL2? -Jim Davis Photographs-


NEW 10-12-2010 Nope. Always room for more pictures. -Jim Davis Photographs-


Left: BL2 back at KRM. Right: Group photo...say Monon.

My Kentucky Dinner Train


NEW 10-12-2010 Left: The Dinner Train backs into the station. Right: The MRHTS's Diner. -Jim Davis Photograph-


NEW 10-12-2010 Left: Motive Power awaits as we load the train. Right: Steve Lyons and Jim Davis pose for the camera. -Jim Davis Photographs-


Left: The gathering of the MRHTS on the Kentucky Dinner Train. Right: One of our waitresses, Donna, took good care of us, like the other staff.


The Dinner Train was a great experience. Good food in more than generous portions. Great service and a wonderful ride through the countryside. Left: Steve Long awaits his dinner. Right: Gene Remaly and Allan Knightly are enjoying the trip.

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