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Pictures from the 2009 Annual Meeting and Convention.

More Warren Mitchell Photographs


Left: Ames on a foggy morning. Right: Signals at Main Street.


Left: Checking out the signals at Main Street. Right: Crawfordsville Power and Light.


Left: "Hey, running this place isn't so complicated.". Right: "No Tim, you cannot pull the lever."


Left: "Hey look, this must be where you change the batteries." Right: "This is all in the tour book."


Left: Checking out the signals near Sugar Creek. Right: President Van Bree warns Pam Rankin that the group is on its way for lunch and the "free beer" he promised everyone.


Left: "What do you mean there is NO BEER!" Right: Lafayette Junction.


More Lafayette Junction photos


Left; Black Ops making a shopping list. Right: Flat car and memorial plaza at WHQ.


Left and Right; At the Big 4 depot downtown Lafayette.


Former 5th Street Depot, now a community theater.


Touring the former car shops


Left: Car shops. Right: Tim Swan checks out the Lafayette Shops Memorial.


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