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Pictures from the 2009 Annual Meeting and Convention.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Before The Storm, WHQ


Left: Convention Chairman Tom Rankin waiting for the crowd. Right: Ken Lentz, from Tennessee looks around for something to do to help get ready..


Left: Outside WHQ waiting the arrival of a northbound. Right: Nice of CSX to have a freight pass by

Creekside Pre-Convention Dinner


Left: Creekside informal dinner. Kevin Black Ops Heggi looks like he has things well in hand, or is looking for mayo. Right: When the President speak,everyone pretends to listen.


Left: Bob Wheeler and wife converse during the pre-registration get together. Right: Steve Long mugs for the camera.


Left: Larry O'Connor decides on what he would like. Right: Chuck Hart waits, while Larry still contemplates.


Everyone is having a good time.


Left: Tom Rankin smiles for the camera. Right: The Nultons enjoying the gathering.


Left: Ron Marquardt talks with Pete Pedigo and Kevin Heggi. Right: Tom Kepshire ponders whether he left the water running at home.


Left: Tom Kepshire responding to a question by Frank. Right: Detente!

WHQ Registration

Steve Long arrives at WHQ to look around. (He raided the snacks table.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 Bus Tour

Jim Davis photographs, unless otherwise noted.


Left: Early Saturday morning and the fog covers WHQ. Right: Still pretty foggy.


Left and Right: The early pert of the tour was hampered by fog. These pictures taken at Crawfordsville.


Left: Joe C keeps hoping a headlight, attached to a Monon RS2 will appear from out of the fog. Sorry Joe. Right: Signals at Crawfordsville.


Arriving at Crawfordsville Electric Light and Power Company.


Left: Sign at the Crawfordsville Electric Light and Power Company. Left: "If you throw that switch right there Alan, you'll black out Ladoga and the south side of Crawfordsville." Tour members at the power house at Crawfordsville.


Left and Right: Machinery inside the plant.


More shots inside the power plant.


Yet more equipment.


Left: Machinery. Right: Aerial photo of the power plant.


More from the power plant


Lunch Time At WHQ


Left and Right: Lunch on the flat car at World Headquarters. Bus tour participants enjoyed a hot lunch prepared by Pam Rankin. Warren Mitchell photos.


"Steve, relax. Tom said there was plenty of time to eat your ice cream, even if this is your third bowl." Right: Bus tour group enjoys the nice weather and flat car to enjoy their lunch. -Warren Mitchell Photos-

Nothing beats a passing freight. Tour participants inspect a northbound freight. -Warren Mitchell photo- .

Lafayette Junction


Southbound CSX action at Lafayette Junction.


More Lafayette Junction

Lafayette, Big 4 Depot


Big Four relocated depot, downtown Lafayette

Bus Tour Group Photo.

Click on thumbnail to open image with numbers.

(1) Cecil Smith (2) Tom Rankin (3) Kevin Heggi (4) Steve Long (5) Larry O'Connor (7) Robert Wheeler (11) Lawrence Nedde (13) Tim Mason (16) Tim Swan (19) Steve Lyons (22) Gene Remaly (24)Warren Mitchell (25) Jim Davis (26) Ann Johnson(38) Mark Chambers (37) Mary Weber (36) Chuck Weber (35) Mary Ann Schultz (34) Bob Schultz (33)Martha Smith (32) Don Keagebein (6) Mike Conroy (8) Alan Keightly (9) Ken Weller (10) Mike Grant (12) Frank Van Bree (14) Eric Phend (15) Joe Crnkovich (17) Geof Burns (18) Joe Jarp (20) Joe Brackett (21) Chuck Hart (23) Kim Powell (31) Joe Flood (30) Scott Flood (29) Bob Thompson (28) Rev. Jim Swanson (27)Tom Johnson.


2009 Convention Banquet

Banquet Pictures By Warren Mitchell


Left: Banquet attendees await the guest speaker. Right: George Lortz trying out his comedy act.


Left: "Did I ever tell you about the Priest, Rabbi and the Engineer?" Right: President Van Bree addresses the crowd.


Left: Awards Chairman Tom Kepshire explains about this years awards. Many certificates were presented. Right: Convention Guest Speaker Ron McMurray entertains the banquet attendees. All in attendance agree, he was a very informative and entertaining speaker.

2009 Awards
Rail Awareness Golden Spike Excellence Award

Ron McMurray, Banquet Guest Speaker













Sharon Eberhard

Caboose C-283 Project

Steve Long
Kevin Heggi
Keith Greasby Jr.
Vern Sargent
Kenneth Weller
Robert Schultz
Robert Straw

Caboose 81532 Project
Joe Land
Sandra Land
Justin Asbery
Cody Asbery
Dylan Asbery
Ken Lentz
Rick Dreistadt
Rob Clendening
Tom Pinnick
Zachary McDonald
Kevin Heggi
George Lortz
Scot Masters
Jim Wire


Ace Hardware - Mitchell, Indiana

Ubelhor Woodworking Inc. - Bristow, Indiana

E & R Fabricating - Bedford, Indiana

Indiana Railway Museum - French Lick, Indiana











Spike Award

Lowell Susdorf



More pictures from Lafayette on Page Two.

More pictures from Warren Mitchell on Page Three.

More pictures from Geof Burns on Page Four

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Annual Meeting

Frank inspecting the "Official Chicken Bucket of the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society" before calling the Annual Meeting to order.

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