October 03-05, 2008 Convention Photos

Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs

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Convention Headquarters, Bloomington Indiana

Photo 1

Kick-Off at the Crazy Horse.

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HEY! I Captured the Elusive Black-Ops Staff Car!

Photo 1

The R.O.W. is now Under Construction for the New Trail.

Bridge over 3rd Street.     Former speeder shed slab and rails.     From speeder shed looking South.

From 3rd Street bridge looking North.     Looking North from Kirkwood heading out of downtown.

Saturday Morning Memorial Dedication.

Members gather just prior to the dedication.     President Van Bree delivers the dedication.

Director Carpenter unveils the employee memorial plaque. ***4mb Video***     The Employee memorial plaque.

Committee member Pedigo explains the history of building the memorial plaque.

Some additional discussion about the plaque.   (Notice Black-Ops lurking in the background. We think he was trying to figure out how to appropriate the genuine Monon platform bricks below the pavement)

Tour of Elliott Quarry, Bedford Indiana

President VanBree, Bob Schultz and George Lortz Heading to the Bus? Beer? Babes?

Arrival at Quarry.

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"Pep" Talk by Mrs. Elliott to the Monon Team before "Going In".

Photo 1     Photo 2     Photo 3

Black-Ops Scheming (maybe wanting REAL limestone for his layout at home?)

Inside the Quarry

Photo 1     Photo 2     Photo 3     Photo 4

Lunch and Fellowship (coming soon)

Banquet at Convention Headquarters  (coming soon)

Swap Meet and Annual Meeting at Convention Headquarters  (coming soon)

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