Banquet Photos

Warren Mitchell Photographs ADDED 10-12-2008


Left: Webmaster Tom Kepshire sitting among his many friends. Right: Joseph Novosel checks to make sure he captured the moment.


Left: "Okay people, what is my opening bid on this reproduction Monon switch lock?" Right: Singing, or torture. It was a fine line. We all learned just what Fingers Marquardt and his piano means to Up and Down The Monon. L-R, Geoff Burns, Eric Powell, Frankie Monon and Ken Weller.


Left: "Pam honey. Next year at Crawfordsville, lets spend the extra money and get the piano. My ears hurt." Right: By the seriousness on faces, must be Wheeler's Quiz From Hell time. Dan Seldin contemplates the questions.


Left: Webmaster Tom Kepshire reacts to Mike Albert's comment. Mike was the 2008 winner of the Spike Award. Mike was chosen for being the first List Serve member to use a naughty word on the list, a REAL NAUGHTY "F" WORD. Rick Berg and Steve Moiser were presented the Golden Spike Award for their work on the Monon Route in Train Simulator. Neither was able to attend. Montford Switzer also received a Golden Spike Award for his work in modeling the Monon. Right: Time to play Stump The Former Monon Employees. When the scheduled guest speaker was unable to go due to an illness, several former Monon employees in attendance pitched in, stepped up and helped out. L-R, Ron Marquardt, Robert Wheeler, Robert Schultz, Dick Cantwell and Rick Driestadt.


Left: Former Monon employee Frank Van Bree reminds the speakers that the Statute Of Limitations have expired, so go ahead tell all. Right: "You know, I really wanted to hit those cars. I've have said it was his fault, but I swerved the locomotive at the last second and got all of them. Just kidding."


Left: "I am sorry, I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Does anyone else have car repair questions?" Right: Some of the many items up for auction.

Bruce Wolfe looks over some of the auction items.


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