Official 2008 Convention Wrap-Up

Another one bites the dust. A big "thank you' to all who attended this year's convention. A splendid time was had by all. Additional photos and stories to be added soon. A special thanks to Joseph Novosel Jr. for providing the Live Pictures during the weekend.

***** Banquet Photos*****

New Unionville & Western Railroad

(aka Pete's Playland.)

Tom Kepshire Photographs


Left: Panoramic view of some Monon rolling stock. Oh yes, and a Pluto car. Right: Joe Land and wife check out the yard and the Monon consist that waits for motive power.


Left and Right: Van Bree's favorite car.


Left: Monon steam power getting ready at the roundhouse. Right: Mike Albert checks out a string of hopper cars. He was the first to nit pick about rivets or something like that.


Left: Dead Eye Steve Stafford arrives at Pete's. He heard Heggi was expected, so he had the Hovercraft locked down tight. Right: Pete Pedigo gets ready to move out some clean motive power in anticipation of the group's arrival.


Left: Pluto Water car, Monon Box car 1 and caboose await motive power. Right: Society members arrive.

Justin Asbery Photographs ADDED 10-12-2008


Left: Steam locomotive 561 passes with a freight. Right: Another group pulling out of the station.

Tour guide telling the history of the quarry and general instructions..

Joe Land Photographs


Left: Pete communicates with all the trains prior to the arrival of the tour. Right: Pete explains the history of his empire and gives instructions.


Left: "Okay, if we are all clear on how we operate, lets have some people get on board." Right: One of the freights pass in review.


Left: Cameras click off picture after picture as the train passes. Right: Pete's railroad is just like a real railroad. Passenger trains take the hole and wait for freights.


Left: A Monon steam powered freight passes in review. That is real limestone in the gons people. Right: The guest are thrilled as the Monon freight passes.


Left: A Nickel Plate ballast train passes. Right: Short coal drag also.


Stew Winstandley Photographs Added 10-11-2008


Left: 1/8 scale model of Coach #43, Louisville, New Albany and Chicago. Right: Eric Powell, Bob Wheeler and El President get ready to depart.

Eric Powell Photographs ADDED 10-15-2008






Tim Swan Photographs Added 10-10-2008


Left: Dispatcher Pedigo gives orders to a passenger train ready to move. Right: Louisville, New Albany and Chicago coach. Great work.


Left: Taking the siding for the passenger train. Right: "So that is where you keep the refreshments. How clever."

Yep, just what every model railroader needs, a 1/8th scale boxcar cooler.

Former Monon workers pose with the memorial.







A rock cutting thingie in the quarry. (Any know the official name?)






David Longest Photographs


Equipment in the Elliott Stone underground quarry.









Kam Miller Photographs NEW PHOTOS ADDED 10-15-2008


Left: "A vote for me means beer in every fridge. Heil Van Bree." Right: Construction progress on the new walking train on the former Monon right of way.


Left: Construction progress on the new walking train on the former Monon right of way. Right: End of the line.


Left: Touring the underground quarry at Elliott Stone. Right: Finished products.


Left and Right: Outside the quarry.


Left: Outside the quarry. Right: Inside, looking at work in progress.

Kevin Heggi Photographs



Left: Wow, a refer that doubles as a cooler. What will they think of next. Right: Inside the earth at Elliott.


Left and Right: Inside the earth at Elliott.


Left and Right: More pictures from inside Elliott.


Jim Davis Photographs



Left: "My fellow Americans....." President Van Bree always ready to deliver a speech. Right: Society members gather Saturday morning for the dedication of the Bloomington Monon Memorial.


Left: "Okay, who left this tarp here? Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare this bridge open." George Carpenter unveils the memorial. Right: Tom Rankin returns George's wallet after the official dedication.


Left: Former Monon employees in attendance pose with the memorial. Right" The crowd awaits the free beer that Van Bree promised.


Left: The group is addressed at the Federal Cut Stone Company. Right: "Welcome to our little mill. Hope you enjoy the tour."


Left: "Okay, can Kevin Heggi please step forward. We have been already briefed about you. Come on now, step forward." Right: Stone slabs at the mill await the next step.


Left: Finished slabs wait. Right: Their pet hawk.


Left: Radial saw makes short work of cutting the slab. Right: Nice statue. I wonder what a Frankie Monon would cost?


Left: An employee works on a piece. Right: "Okay, that about does it. Okay guys, you can take the shackles off Mr. Heggi."


Geoff Burns Photographs



Left: George Carpenter explains it all. Right: Ron Marquardt spinning some Monon stories.


Left: Frank about to speak to the crowd. Right: The entrance to the Elliott underground quarry.


Right: The unveiling of the memorial. Right: Inside the quarry.


Right: "This place is BIG." Another shot inside the quarry. Right: After hearing about Heggi's reputation, the finishing mill hired a hawk to watch Heggi, like a hawk.

***** Joseph Novosel's Convention Pictures*****

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