Banquet And Annual Meeting Photos

These photos are courtesy of Warren Mitchell. Thanks Warren, our newest Director.


Left: Banquet guests ponder Bob Wheeler's 2007 Quiz, aka "The Quiz From Hell." Right: Pete Pedigo and Webmaster Tom Kepshire conduct some business at their table. Odds are it has something to do with later events. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: Banquet speaker Bob Schultz is greeted by George Lortz. Right: Ryan and Chunky Green react to something Joe must have said. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: It had to happen. One photographer takes a picture of another photographer, aka George Carpenter III. Right: Kam Miller's table looking over the Quiz From Hell. Does not look like they are too involved in solving the quiz. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: And another photo of a photographer. This time it is Ryan Kertis. Right: Mike Grant and Bob Wheeler wait for the guest speaker to begin. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: "No, you have to answer them yourself, no copying from my sheet." Right: Time to get to all the good stuff. President Van Bree gets everyone's attention. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: Pam, Frank and Tom, accompanied by Fingers Marquardt serenade the guest with "Up and Down The Monon.". Right: Bob Schultz is presented his Rail Awareness Award by Webmaster Tom Kepshire. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: Cecil Smith also was awarded a Rail Awareness Award for his continued work with the Hoosier Line. Right: Yes folks, there really is a Spike, otherwise known as Betty Joe Maquardt. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-

Webmaster Tom Kepshire reacts to his gift from the Convention Committee.






Left: Bob Schultz talks about his days working on the Monon and his experience to date. Mr. Schultz was very informative. Right: "The one and only. Frankie Monon Bobblehead Doll. It was donated to the Silent Auction by the Web Site and Webmaster Tom Kepshire, where Frank outbid many challengers. " -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: Society members await the start of the Annual Meeting. Dan Seldin checking membership stats. Right: Kevin Heggi and Les McConnell arrive with a mid afternoon snack, White Castles. Yes, the fraud Heggi put mayonnaise on his. That is just wrong. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-


Left: "Look Bob, that damn Heggi is putting mayonnaise on his White Castles again. That is wrong." Right: Frank looks to get the Annual Meeting called to order. -Warren Mitchell Photographs-

A belly full of White Castles, Kevin Heggi take a snooze during the meeting.





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