More Convention Photographs


Left: Brookston caboose rescue society at Beech Grove. Ryan Kertis, Joe Novosel Jr., Julie Snyder and Kevin Heggi. Right: Society guests getting some instructions on the upcoming tour. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs-


Left: "Now, if you will follow me, we will begin." Right: Ryan and Chunky Green react to something Joe must have said. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs-


Left: Monon Society transfer caboose #81551 at ITM in desperate need of work. Right: Chunky Green mugs for the camera. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs-


Left: Kevin Heggi looks like he is ready to "boost" something. Right: Chunky Green explains the problems encounter with the red paint to Warren Mitchell. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs-


Left: Bob Wheeler enjoys the caboose ride. Right: So does Dan Seldin. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photographs-

Pam Rankin and grandson Evan taking photos. -Joseph Novosel Jr. Photograph-






Left: Monon transfer caboose #81551. Right: Monon box car #1220. Both are in need of work. -Ryan Kertis Photographs-

Great view of the excursion train on the White River bridge, south of the Museum. I think you will all agree that 81528 looks better than the other cabooses. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-



Black Ops sizing up the transfer caboose for a future operation. -Kevin Heggi's camera photograph-





Cecil J. Smith Photographs


Left: "Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round." Convention guests get ready to leave the Marriott and head to Beech Grove. Right: Convention guests enjoy the tour. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-


Left: Inside the locomotive repair shop. Right: "My, that's a big one." -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-

Guests admire the work being done in the coach shops. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-


Inside the coach shops.-Cecil J. Smith Photograph-




Tim Swan and Gene Remaly relax outside the Carmel Museum. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-







Left: Are these people Monon Society members, or just lost? Another group waits their caboose rides. Right: Getting the chance to ride the locomotive was special. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-


Left: Guest load and unload from caboose 81528. The caboose made several trips. Right: Frank inspects the work and gave 81528 two thumbs up. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-


Left: Tom Kepshire, Lowell Susdorf and Chunky Green enjoy the last trip. Right: Tom Rankin and grandson Evan enjoy a cab ride in DS-50. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-

Transfer caboose #81551. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-





Left: Ryan Kertis is presented the 2007 Spike Award by the 2006 winner Kevin Heggi. Ryan's kissing the diamond at Monon and allowing photos sealed the award. The Spike Award has been presented since the 2005 French Lick Convention. Right: Tom Kepshire and bestows the Golden Backside Award on President Van Bree. The award was to recognize Frank being the "butt" of all the Shameless Convention Ads. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-

Other awards were also presented. Five Golden Spike Awards were presented to Tim Swan, Ron Marquardt, Jim Smith, Richard Fonatine and Dave Ritenour for use of their photograph collections for our CD projects. Convention Guest Speaker Robert Schultz and Hoosier Line Editor Cecil J. Smith were presented our new Rail Awareness Award for their efforts to promote the history and legacy of the Monon Railroad. Convention Committee members Tom and Pam Rankin were also presented a Golden Spike Award for their work on the Indianapolis and past conventions. We hope to expand and honor more next year.


Left: Fingers Marquardt and George Carpenter belt out their version of Up and Down The Monon. Right: Robert Schultz presents President Van Bree with some artifacts from his days in the car shops. I believe they were gauges to measure flanges on wheels, however, being technically challenged, I may be wrong. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-


Left: Deals galore at the Sunday Swap Meet. Here several guest make John Fuller a happier and wealthier man. Right: It has been one long weekend. Chunky Green and Fingers nap during the Annual Meeting. President Van Bree must have had the floor. -Cecil J. Smith Photograph-

Group photo of many of those responsible for the work on caboose #81528. L-R Les McConnell, Lowell Susdorf, Chad Boas, Steve Long, Ryan Kertis, Tom Kepshire, Kevin Heggi, Joseph Novosel Jr., and George Carpenter III. Not pictured but worked on or donating to the project, George Milinowski, George Lortz, Max Foltz, Rick Berg, Chris Lewin, Larry O'Connor, Craig Pressler, Bruce Jarrett, Justin Hathaway, John Haslock, Nucor Steel, Nu-Jack Metal Fabrication, Jackel Eco Systems Inc. Scotts Custom Signs and Lina's Tailor Shop.

We would also like to thank Ray Stokes and all the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Members for work preciously done on caboose 81528. Their work made ours easier

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