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A splendid time was had by all. Thanks to all those who attended and worked to make the 2007 Convention something special. We hope to have some pictures from the weekend up as soon as possible. Those convention goers who would like to share their photos, please contact me.

More coming very soon.

Naptown And White River Open House Photographs Tim Swan's Convention Photographs
More Convention Coverage Photographs
Warren Mitchell's Banquet and Meeting Photographs

Convention Weekend Pictures, Page One


Left: Black Ops Mobile at the Monon Connection Museum Friday afternoon. Right: And at Monon, Indiana. -Kevin Heggi Photographs.

The Black Ops Mobile, aka Kevin Heggi's Staff car. -Kam Miller Photograph-





Left: "This Hamms is for you Ryan." Frank Van Bree and Tom Kepshire share the wealth and the Hamms. The beer was a gift from Lowell Susdorf. Right: Kevin "Black Ops" Heggi making another deal during Friday evenings get together at the Marriott. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-


Left: Frank looking over the registration table. Right: Kevin Heggi and Joseph Novosel Jr. checking out Beech Grove. No the rumors that they were shadowed throughout the tour were false, or so we were led to believe. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-


Left: Inside one of the repair shops. Right: Heggi trying to decide how to get one of the cars out of the shop without anyone's knowledge. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-


Left: The group checking out another building. Right: They are coming to take Heggi away, ho-ho, he-he, ha-ha, ho-ho ! -Ryan Kertis Photograph-


Left: Inside the locomotive shop at Beech Grove. Right: Amtrak equipment, or another addition to the Black Ops Wish List. -Kevin Heggi photographs-

Locomotive ready area. -Kevin Heggi Photograph-




Welder working on one of the locomotives. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-







Above and Below: More photos from Beech Grove. -Kam Miller Photographs-



Left: From the main entrance of the shops complex. Right: Diagrams of buildings and evacuation routes. Note the "poof" notation of a building no longer on property. Black Ops pay a visit? -Kam Miller Photographs


Above and Left -Kam Miller Photographs-





Left: Main Gate at Beech Grove. Amtrak Police anticipate our arrival. There is absolutely no truth to the stories that all Black Ops Members were frisked while leaving the property. Right: Convention guests tour one of the many areas at Beech Grove. -Steve Mosier Photographs-

Convention guests making their way between buildings. These photos are courtesy of Steve Mosier, Greg and Sophia Travis. More of their photos from Beech Grove can be found at their.






Left: Convention guests getting some history and instructions for the tour of the shops complex. Black Ops members were identified for surveillance purposes. Right: One of the many Amtrak cars in for repair or service. -Tom Kepshire Photographs-


Left: Warren Mitchell anticipates the movement of one of the locomotives. Right: While we visited, this freshly painted New Jersey Transit locomotive was run back forth for testing. -Tom Kepshire Photographs-

Looks like this Super Liner had some problems. Careless smoking maybe? -Tom Kepshire Photographs-





Convention guest tour the Carmel Depot Museum. Thanks to the local Historical Society for allowing our group to visit. -Ryan Kertis Photograph-




Shot of the Carmel elevator near the depot. The former Monon right of way is on the left of the image. -Kevin Heggi Photographs-






King Van Bree, ah I mean El Prez Van Bree acts rather regal and waves to his loyal subjects. -Kam Miller Photograph-





Left: Les McConnell poses with Caboose 51528 at the Indiana Transportation Museum. Right: El President Frank Van Bree aboard DS-50. The flag on DS-50 were a donation by Lina Parisi of Lina's Tailor Shop, South Bend, Indiana. Lina seamed a complete set of flags for both the caboose and locomotive. -Craig Pressler Photographs-


Left: Looking like any proud poppa, Steve "Chunky Green" Long looks out the window. Steve and his restoration detail did one fantastic job. Right: Les, Chunky and RK (Ryan Kertis, or Rail Kisser) pose on the end platform at the White River bridge. -Craig Pressler Photographs-

Above the door on the inside of Caboose 81528. Courtesy Scotts Sign Shop, Linton, Indiana. -Tom Kepshire Photograph-






Left: Several members of the restoration crew pose next to caboose 81528. L-R Steve "Chunky Green" Long, Kevin "Black Ops" Heggi, Joseph "Mr. Treasurer" Novosel Jr., Tom "Webmaster" Kepshire and Ryan "Rail Kisser" Kertis. Right: El President looks at home on DS-50. -David Longest Photographs-


Saturday evening. After the banquet, several members decided to make a run to White Castle for a midnight snack. The Black Ops Mobile turned out to be the Dead Ops Mobile. It seems Kevin forgot to unplug his cooler and it drained his battery. Oh, for the record, we did get to the White Castle and shocked when Kevin "Mr. White Castle" Heggi ruined his with Mayonnaise! -Tom Kepshire Photograph-




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