2006 Convention Official Wrap Up....

October 2, 2006. Well, another Annual Meeting and Convention are history. As photos come in, we will post them. Tom and Pam deserve a standing ovation for making the convention one to remember. Over the next few days and weeks, photos will be added. Stay tuned.

A call for pictures: I know others also took photos, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Convention. We would love to add them to the wrap up page. Please forward them to the Webmaster.

Convention Figures And Breakdowns:

This year, we had 77 people attending the banquet. On the Saturday morning tour, there were 56 people on the bus. The afternoon tour we had 40 people on the bus. The Swap Meet rented 40 tables to 24 vendors.

Images From The Michigan City Convention Weekend.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Prior to the "official" start of the Convention, your Webmaster did some exploring. One stop was the South Shore Depot at Beverly Shores and the Museum inside. Built in 1929 by the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend RR, an electric interurban line owned by Samual Insull. The Spanish Colonial Revival style was a refreshing change of style for midwest stations of the era. The station had a small waiting room, ticket office, and a residence for the station agent. Next time you visit Dunes Country, please stop in an look around. I intended to tour the Barker Mansion in Michigan City, but I missed the afternoon tour.

Friday Evening, September 29, 2006 Convention HQ


Left: Max Foltz and another Society member (If anyone can provide a name, please advise the Webmaster.) look over the Archives that were brought to Michigan City by Chief Archivist Robert Wheeler. Right: Past Employee Committee Chairman Ken Weller examins some records looking for additional employee information. Rick Berg in the background setting up his Train Simulator program.


Left: Society member, and author, David Longest checking Bob Wheeler's information on Monon Structures. Right: The Purdue Express parked in front of the hotel.

Saturday morning tour September 30, 2006, Michigan City and The Lynne

What a group! First row Left to Right, El Presidente Mr. VanBreeF, ah I mean Van Bree, Steve Long, Convention Chairman Tom Rankin, THL Editor and Secretary Elect Cecil Smith, Kevin Heggi. Back row Left to Right: Treasurer Max Foltz, Vice President Elect Ken Weller and Webmaster and Director Elect Tom Kepshire. Before boarding our tour bus, we kicked out some Purdue football fans who had camped out on the Boliermaker Special.





Left: Before the tour could proceed there was the little matter of a Purdue locomotive that needed to be moved. Our conventioneers quickly stormed the vehicle, woke up the students sleeping in the back and soon we were on our way. Left: After touring what (not much) was left of the Monon in Michigan City, our group headed west to Burns Harbor and Frank Van Bree's second home, otherwise known as the Lynne, or Business Car #2.


Left: Fearless Frank welcomes us to the Lynne. Then he gave a speech on why he should be President for life. Right: Inside the lounge of the car.


Looking down the corridor towards the galley. There are three bedrooms.


Left: The galley, or kitchen. Looking at the washer and dryer and fridge. Rights: Sink, cabinets and countertops. Very nice sized kitchen, considering you are on a railcar.


Left: Frank thanking the Brown Family for allowing us to visit, and for the coffee and donuts that were enjoyed by those visiting. For some strange reason, Frank had a hard time not smiling while inside the car. Right: Looking down the side of the Lynne. Most people departed thinking what is would have been like to ride this car during its day.


Left: Rick Berg kick backs in the lounge of the former Lynne. Right: Rick and Tom Kepshire taking it easy in the lounge.

Kevin Black Ops Heggi shares this photo of the lounge, television and light fixtures.






NEW 11-03-2006 More Business Car 2 pictures Courtesy Of Rick Berg


Left: Shot of the car, camera is looking north. Right: Close up of herald on the side of the car. The car now carries the name "The Monon."

Webmaster Tom Kepshire always looking for the easy way out.







Left: Webmaster Tom Kepshire posing for campaign pictures. Right: Rick Berg poses on the platform of Business Car #2. Rick said afterwards that just visiting the car was worth the trip to the convention.

Close up of the drumhead that Mike Albert had made for the Brown Family and the car. (Mike also has one in his own collection too.)





South Shore Shops Tour


Left: Our bus arrives at the South Shore shops. Kevin Heggi and Alan Keightley checking things out. Right: Joe Crnkovich talking to the group about the building and operations of the Chicago, South Bend and South Shore Railroad.


Left: While most of the tour listens to Joe Crnkovich, President Van Bree is off conducting important business, or getting down a last minute bet on the Notre Dame/ Purdue game. Right: Inside the shops. Older car being refurbished. A complete rebuild.


Left: The group takes time to check out the yard and locomotive. Right: Watching some of the action in the yard.


Left: The group waits to get into the new Operations and Dispatching center. Right: Black Ops captures the control board on camera.

The Monon Connection Musuem


The afternoon portion of the tour included a visit to the Monon Connection Museum near Monon, Indiana. To those not familiar, they normally have a strict "no photography" policy inside the museum. On our visit, the Managemnet waived this policy and allowed our members to take pictures. Left: Some of the Monon memorabilia on display. Right: Monon herald hanging from the ceiling.

Great shot of the derrinck and flat car on dislplay out side the Monon Connection. The skies look threatening.

NEW 11-03-2006 Modeling Contest Pictures


Left, Right and Below: The many entries in the 2006 Modeling Contest. Great work by all who contributed. Tim Swan, Madison Wisconsin, won the model contest with his model of the Bedford Freight House, picture to the left above. His reward, four Monon Branchline Box Cars donated by Scale Reproductions Of Louisville. Good job Tim. Look forward to seeing more models at Indianapolis in 2007.

Saturday Evening Banquet


Left: President Van Bree welcomes everyone to the banquet. It was shortly thereafter when Frank lost control of the crowd. Right: Rick Dreistadt, former Operator and Dispatcher, entertains the crowd with his stories and information on his time on the Monon.


Left: President Frank Van Bree shows off his new brick shaped refrigerator magnet. Left: Frank reacts to his own Mr. Prez Head, which was presented by Webmaster Tom Kepshire. He also was presented with Mrs. Frankie Monon too. Our President was flattered and speechless.

The National Spike Museum 2006 Spike Award winner, Kevin "Black Ops" Heggi. Kevin nudged out Steve Long for the 2006 award by bringing sliders to the hospitality room Friday evening.







Left: Another great O Scale model entered by Bob Schultz. Right: Gene Remaly and Jim Davis share a laugh during the banquet.


Left: Bruce Wolfe, Mike Albert and Joe Crnkovich are waiting for dinner to be served. Right: Ken Weller is doing his special dance and Bob Straw looks really impressed.


Left: Your webmaster getting ready to look over Bob Wheeler's Quiz From Hell, 2006 Edition. Right: Kevin Heggi caught by the camera. He was looking over the articles on display for the silent auction.


Left: President Van Bree encourages all in attendance at the banquet to look over the items up for auction. Right: David Longest looks over the silent auction items. In the background it looks like Kevin Ruble has just done a Moe Howard on Mike Aufderheide. Hey Moe!

More items up for auction. Yes, the silent auction was successful and generated a nice amount for the society.






Sunday, October 1, 2006

Swap Meet


Left: Pam Kutt-Rankin and Dan Seldin staff the table outside the Sunday morning swap meet. Right: Company Storekeeper Tim Walter is either making change for a customer, or deciding if he has enough to head south.

Who said there was no entertainment? Chad Boas's daughter gave those in attendance a great show with her hand stands. Or, maybe she was really bored?






Left: Convention Chairman Tom Rankin warns the photographer to make sure he captures his better side while Steve Long shows off his most recent addition to his photo collection. Are you going to post it and share Steve? Right: George Lortz explains to Frank exactly why he bailed out and decided not to run for Vice President this year. Just kidding George.


Rick Berg explains the complexities of Train Simulator to the crowd.


Left: The reason we came to Michigan City, the 31st Annual Meeting of the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society. President Van Bree kept the meeting short. Cha Right! Right: New Equipment Procurement Committee Chairman Kevin "Black Ops" Heggi runs down his shopping list, ah I mean his intended projects for 2007.

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