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Here are pictures from Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Inc. members who wanted to share their pictures from the French Lick Convention.

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Left: Jim Dumbsky of Crown Point shares this picture of his son Andrew getting ready to ride the caboose back to French Lick.

Right: The south portal of the tunnel. Both Jim and son Andrew had a great time.





Left: Andrew Dumbsky getting ready for the excursion. Note the guy in the pink hat lurking. I'd watch this character.

Right: Andrew on the steps of caboose 81532.





Left: Front steps leading up to the West Baden hotel.

Left: Lovely gardens and grounds at West Baden.





Left: Inside the dinning room.

Right: Former French Lick branch bridge at Abydell.





Jim Davis shares some of his pictures. Left: Yep, it sure is dark inside this here tunnel

Right: Ah yes, much better. Hope nobody was scared in the darkness.





Left and Right: Panoramic view of the West Baden Springs from south of the grounds. Up in the high country.






Left: Inside the Springs. Tour guest are awe struck by the renovations.

Right: Model railroad layout at West Baden...na, just kidding. This layout is at the Depot Museum In Salem. There Cecil, you got another plug. Happy?





More of Warren Mitchell's pictures. Left: Warren rides the cupola. Looks like he's have a blast.

Right: "Okay people, lets all remember where we parked. Please keep a straight and orderly line. No cuts Long!" Tour guests get ready to enter the grounds of the West Baden Springs.




Left: "Yes, we have lots of flowers here sir and no you can't take anything with you. Is Heggi in this group? Now please follow me." The Tour Guide explains the details of the grounds.

Right: The impressive fountain. Beautiful.






Left: Yes sir, the ground are really beautiful.

Right: "You've been a really great bunch of guest. Oh yea, Mr. Heggi, we have been asked to search you. One of our statues is missing. Just kidding. Thanks for coming."




Left: Poor old Steve is plum tuckered out. Or, thinking about dinner.





Left: Tim Swan sent in these pictures. Our charriot, ah caboose awaits.

Right: "Look folks, we got the best seats in the caboose. Give up this seat to Van Bree? Keep dreaming buster."




Left: Beautiful southern Indiana contryside rolls by.

Right: Better hang on tight Steve. Would not want you to smack into the tunnel portal. Heads Up.






Left: Tim Swan tries his had at caboose steps hanging. "Hey guys, here comes the tunnel."


Right: Yep, not much clearance. "Anyone seen Long?"



"Ah hell, this beats walking." Gene Ramaly enjoying his ride. Thanks for the pictures Tim.





Left: Looking railroad north across bridge on the mainline between French Lick and West Baden. -Courtesy Tom Kepshire-

Right: Side view from the railroad north end of the bridge. The roughly one mile of track between French Lick and West Baden are all that remain of the former French Lick branch. More pictures of Tom Kepshire's exploration can been seen on his Bygone Places Along The Monon Web Site's 7th Subdivision Page.



Left and Right: Although not part of the Monon, Tom Kepshire and Justin Asberry went exploring Saturday afternoon and took these pictures of the Tulip Trestle. It was built in 1906 and is still standing strong after 91 years of use. The viaduct is officially known as Bridge X75-6. It is the third longest bridge of its type in the world. Its dimensions are one-half mile long, 2,307 feet to be precise, and it stands 157 feet off the ground at its tallest point.

The viaduct consists of seventeen 75-foot deck-plate girder spans, alternating with eighteen 40-foot girder tower spans. The viaduct also consists of two 50-foot spans at the west end and two 60-foot and two 45-foot spans at the east end. The weight of all that plus the weight of the track itself, is approximately 2,895 tons.



Robert Wheeler shares some of his pictures. Left: Convention guests enjoy the Saturday morning train trip through the Hoosier National Forest.

Right: Balcony inside the dome.





Left: The roof of the dome.

Right: Spring on the hotel grounds. Robert Wheeler was not sure which one this was.





Left: Looking back to the Main Gate from the hotel.

Right: The West Baden Springs Hotel






Left: Lowell Susdorf sent in these two images from Leipsic, Indiana. You are looking railroad north, towards Mitchell.

Right: Looking railroad south at the signal at Leipsic







More pictures will be added soon.

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